If you’re like us, you tend to get your news and information from Reddit. No longer are we bookmarking sites and opening up tabs of links to stay informed. Not anymore. Instead, we subscribe to subreddits on Reddit to get our goods.

With myriad categories and millions of users contributing content every day, Reddit has become our favorite way of keeping up with news and goings on. And, since we’re mobile-minded folks, we tend to use different apps for Reddit.

Until this week there was no official mobile application for Reddit. But, that doesn’t mean the unofficial stuff is no good. Rather, some of them are pretty incredible.

Below you will find a collection of some of our favorites and some of the features you’ll find in them. There’s a lot of carry-over between them, but each is unique enough to consider for your needs.

These apps are presented in no particular order. And, although you might see price tags associated with some of them, chances are good you can get a free, lighter version. Do yourself and the developers a favor and cough up a couple bucks.

Features you’ll find in most of these apps:

  • Material Design UI
  • Color-coded comment threads
  • Multiple Themes: light, dark, and black
  • User-defined font preferences
  • Split-screen panes for tablet use
  • View posts by list view, card view or slideshow
  • Moderator tools: modmail, spam, removal/approval
  • Home screen widgets
  • Advanced filtering: domain, keyword, NSFW, subreddit
  • Support for spoiler tags
  • Multiple account support


  1. Was curious at what features you used to rank these. While I agree these are definitely some of the best Reddit apps I was disappointed to why BaconReader ranked the lowest. I understand that we all have different features we are looking for, I’m just wondering what was the thought process.

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