Spell check your emails, social media posts, and business letters with Grammarly Premium 1-Yr Subscription

    You check over that social media post more than once, making sure everything sounds good and nothing is misspelled. You hit “post,” only to see a mistake. There was a time when Google+ didn’t let you spell-check those mistakes, but thankfully, Google has added this solution. Unfortunately, Twitter has expanded the character limit but is still too stubborn to give editing capabilities.

    Grammarly wants to help you spell check your emails, social media posts, business letters, research papers, reports, and other written documents by way of its 1-year subscription to Grammarly Premium. Grammarly is an editing service that checks spelling, punctuation, grammar, and overall sentence structure with regard to every sentence you write.

    Here are other benefits you can take advantage of with Grammarly Premium:

    • Write mistake-free on Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, & nearly anywhere else you write on the web
    • Receive corrections for hundreds of grammar, punctuation, & spelling mistakes
    • Catch contextual errors & improve your vocabulary
    • Turn on genre-specific writing style checks
    • Detect plagiarism w/ the plagiarism-checking feature that scans more than 8 billion web pages
    • Get explanations for all your mistakes & a weekly progress report to keep you on the ball

    If you’re looking for “an extra pair of eyes,” proverbially speaking, to help with those social media posts and prevent social media embarrassment, then head on over to the Grammarly Premium product link above to get started.

    Happy editing!