Sphereo X2 Speakers put surround sound in the palm of your hand

Most of us think of surround sound as referring to the sedentary speakers in our homes that sit close by the television. Few would ever believe that surround sound doesn’t always come from large speakers, but Go Moxxi has delivered in today’s Deal of the Day.

Called Sphereo X2 Speakers, this dual Bluetooth speaker set is tiny and compact (can fit in your hand), featuring a built-in rechargeable battery, wireless charging dock, and has compatibility with other sound systems by way of an audio-in jack so you can use them with any device you’d prefer. Additionally, you can use the Sphereo X2 Speakers as a speakerphone on which to make and take calls (so yes, it can work with your smartphone, too).

The Sphereo X2 Speakers have an original retail price of $49.99, but two price drops allows us to offer this product to our readers for just $29.99 ($20 off the original retail price, a 40% price drop). And, we can’t forget to mention that they’re more affordable and more portable than a more recent Bluetooth speaker twin set we’ve offered for a previous Deal of the Day.

Head on over to the link above and pick up your small surround sound speakers while the deal lasts.

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