As a site that centers around Android, we often find ourselves gravitating toward certain things. Be it specific hardware makers, developers, or something else, there’s usually something that each of us prefers. But, try as we might, our tastes change and we end up interested in the next shiny new thing. Sometimes we put aside one pair of headphones in favor of another because there’s something really, really cool about them.

What follows is a list of things that some of us here at AndroidGuys are currently digging. Below is a mix of apps, games, gear, and other things that have our interest as of late. And, no, not all of it is going to be mobile-related.

The aim here to help you discover something that you might not otherwise have come across. Or, maybe it gives you a slight push to revisit a particular company, app, or service. What you’ll see here comes straight from our various writers, contributors, and editors.


After finally getting the Android 7.0 update on my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, I was looking for an overhaul of some of my daily apps. Using Android Messaging for texts was fine for a while but I wanted something that felt premium like Android Messenger but with solid functionally.


After a recommendation from a coworker I downloaded Textra and after customizing EVERYTHING, I think I can safely say this will be a must download on every phone I get from this point forward. It’s fast, it’s intuitive to use, I can fine tune everything from color to emoji style. 10/10 from me.

Carved phone cases

I was looking for a new case for my phone. One that gave me a little style with a basic level of protection. Carved cases are real wood backed cases with a rubber bumper. They have so many designs to choose from.

I loved the mountain range and the map cases but I had to order two patterned cases.; they are modern and beautiful. The bumper seems small, so I don’t know how much protection it will actually provide, but with a case that turns this many heads, I may just have to go order two more.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

I’ve been following stories and reviews on this tablet for a while and it’s very intriguing. The tablet seems like it’s a nice upgrade and including the pen is a great step in distancing itself from the iPad Pro that requires spending an additional $100. I’m not actively looking for a new tablet but because my daughter and I like to draw/paint/color, I’m considering upgrading from the original Tab S.

I love drawing and animation and Piskel lets me create little animated retro-styled art pieces. It’s a great application site that is actually fairly deep yet simple to use for 8-bit style bitmap art pieces.

Budget Phones

Seriously, one of my favorite things about technology is that as we progress and find better ways to do things, the average user benefits immensely. Sure, flagships stay roughly the same price because they use cutting edge technology but, for the average user there is no need to have the $600-$800 phone any more.

If you follow our smartphone reviews at all you will see a plethora of low to mid level phones that would manage an average smartphone users expectation without putting a huge dent in that wallet.


I can’t stop talking about this phone, even though the Galaxy S8 has been announced. I think this is LG’s best smartphone ever, despite catching flack for having “last year’s processor”.

dbrand’s cases for Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+

Dbrand has a lot of options and combinations available that can satisfy any Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ user. Moreover, there’s plenty of other models to choose from as well. Makes for great alternative to bulky cases.

Huawei Smartwatch v1

After spending two happy years with my iPhone and Apple watch I’ve taken the plunge into Android with an s7 Edge and Huawei Smartwatch.  I’m a week or so in and apart from missing my square Apple face I’m in love with this device; Android Wear 2.0 has me excited as it’s a tad basic, but, so far so good!

Free MLB.TV Subscription for T-Mobile customers

With this recent T-Mobile Tuesday event, Big Magenta gave away a free MLB.TV subscription, which gets you extra access to your favorite MLB team for the entire 2017 season.

Nintendo Switch

Most of my free time is now spent playing my Nintendo Switch. I have 10 games for it now, but primarily play Legend of Zelda. The Switch has been in the news a lot lately–most of which has been positive, but there are now reports of issues, so I’m always reading about what’s new and interesting in the land of Nintendo. I’m looking forward to more games and I’m curious how this partnership with nVidia will play out for both companies.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Because it’s a game I’ve looked forward to for a long time and after starting it, it has been consuming all of my free time because it is so engrossing and wonderful.

Destiny: Age of Triumph

The newest expansion for shared-world shooter Destiny has really reminded me what made that game so fun to play in the first place. The refreshed Raids and incentive to replay old missions for the sake of nostalgia were a good move on Bungie’s part. A fitting Swan-Song.

Midnight Black OnePlus 3T

Because it looks extremely sleek. It’s also limited edition, so the appeal is greater.


Really exciting horror, adventure game with creepy graphics and a nice paranormal story behind it. “You play the role of a guy who happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. You are dragged into a dark forest, but on the verge of death, you are mysteriously saved from your killer by a someone or something.”

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