This award-winning antivirus program provides award-winning internet protection

    The internet is a place full of promise and opportunity, but not every “open door” is a positive one. With an unsuspecting spirit, you could find yourself downloading something, clicking a link, or accepting a file with malware attached that then provides a Pandora’s box of trouble you never saw coming.

    Most antivirus programs offer you just enough protection to pass as legitimate, but today’s Deal of the Day is an award-winning antivirus program that will go beyond the basics to ensure you have all that you need to defend your own internet experience.

    Called Glasswire Pro: Lifetime License, this award-winning antivirus program includes features such as a network monitor that tells you about the type of internet traffic you have, what apps are responsible for that traffic, and geographic location of the same internet traffic, threat monitoring that shows what hosts are known threats on the internet, and monitors network activity while you’re away from your computer.

    Glasswire Pro helps with your internet usage by alerting you when you’re soon to go over your bandwidth, gives you an incognito mode so that you aren’t a victim of internet tracking, notifies you of background processes, and monitors remote servers if you host apps or games elsewhere to provide protection there as well. In other words, Glasswire Pro is an antivirus program unlike most we’ve seen, especially when you consider that it helps in the fight against ransomware, a particular kind of internet attack that holds your computer hostage.

    Our offering today provides a few benefits. First, this is a “Pro” antivirus program, which means that it does more than your basic program. Next, Glasswire Pro: Lifetime License normally costs $99, but we’re offering it to our readership for $29, 70% off the retail price.

    Are you tired of normal antivirus programs that just do the basics but not much else? If so, head on over to the link above and pick up Glasswire Pro, then come back here and let us know what you appreciate most about it.

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