This weekend’s best 11 tech bargains: S7 edge and Pixel cases, 200GB MicroSD, Android Wear and Jaybirds

    Happy Saturday!

    I am sure many of you had a long but fun week. You might have dressed up and headed to a Halloween party on Monday, or you may have taken your little ones for some good old trick or treating. Then you may have stayed up late to watch the Cubs beat the Indians in what was one of the best World Series matches we have ever seen. Both teams played incredibly well and is a case where you feel for the Indians as much as you’re happy for the Cubs.

    Don’t forget there are two major events in the next few days. First, Daylight Savings time ends tonight (or technically tomorrow in the early morning) so you will get an extra hour of sleep. However, it will get darker sooner.

    The other major event is voting night on November 8th. Some districts are allowing you to vote early at voting centers. You just need to look up your specific are and Google has committed to help. Or you might have a voter card that was mailed to you – keep in mind the date to send it in has already passed and you need to drop it off at your nearest voting center.

    No matter which side you’re on, make sure you vote. This is one of the most important elections with a Supreme Court seat nomination available for the next President. It’s going to help shape the next generation of laws and values of our country. So even if you despise Hillary and Donald, your vote matters well beyond them. Head on over to to find out where the closest location is to you. Veterans Day is on Friday, Novemeber 11th, and when you vote, make sure you take the time to thank a Vet for protecting our right to Vote. We’re fortunate to live in a country that allows us to dictate our own future with a stroke of a pen, so respect that right and get out there.

    Now that we’ve got the important stuff out of the way, let’s get to the fun deals.

    QardioArm Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor – $79.99 at Amazon (save $20)


    It’s up to you to take control of your health. Did you know winter is the peak of the year for deaths?

    Part of that reason is the increased cases of Stroke spike right after Thanksgiving. The average Thanksgiving meal is roughly 3,000 calories containing 230g of fat, according to the American Council on Exercise. Pair that with alcohol, and your body is under a whole lot of stress.

    High blood pressure, or hypertension, is called the “silent killer” because there are usually no symptoms to show the underlying problems. Hypertension can be avoided and treated rather easily these days, so take control of your health. Don’t wait to end up in the hospital or worse on your death bed. Grab a Qardio Arm to monitor your blood pressure through the connected Android and iOS apps, and even share the data with your medical professionals.

    The Qardio Arm is unique because it can even detect irregular heartbeats. $20 off at $79.99, this is an investment you shouldn’t overlook.

    NatureBright SunTouch Plus Light and Ion Therapy Lamp – $54.99 at Amazon (save $18)


    Another event that happens in the cold months is the winter blues. Seasonal affective disorder affects up to 10% of the population as our brains shift to darker days and colder weather.

    Full spectrum light is an effective tool for staving off the mood disorder by offering full light normally provided by the sun. I live in San Diego where we get sun almost year around, and incidents of the winter blues are less here than in more northern states such as Wisconsin, New York and Alaska. San Diego is closer to the equator and we just get a little more sun.

    If you want to prevent excess fatigue, depression, overeating, lethargy, and social withdrawal you should consider the NatureBright SunTouch Plus Light. It’s been shown just a couple days with this light can reverse Seasonal affective disorder and can get you back on track. It’s currently on sale for just $54.99 and is a great investment for you and your family.

    Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Case S-View Clear Flip Cover – $32.99 at Amazon (read my full review here)


    There’s a good chance you own a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge as it was 2016’s best selling Android device in the US. You may have purchased it early on when it was new, or you might have exchanged your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 for the S7 when it was recalled. One of my favorite cases is made by Samsung and is the S-View Clear flip cover. It protects the edges and display while offering one of the best fits in a case you can get. At $32.99 it might be pricier than third party options, but you didn’t buy such a great looking phone to ruin it with a bulky case, did you? Samsung also has the S-View window case on sale for $27 and is good for those of you who want to use a small window on the case without needing to open the front cover.

    LeEco Le Pro 3 – $299.99 at


    On November 9th, you can get a smartphone with the all powerful Snapdragon 821, 4GB RAM, 64GB storage, 5.5″ FHD display, 16MP rear/8MP front camera, 4070mAh battery, with advanced Dolby Digital Audio. Normally you’d think you would pay $700 for a phone with these specs, but instead you can register at LeMall and get this phone for just $299!

    It’s insane what LeEco is offering with the Pro 3 at that price and it is fully unlocked to use across GSM networks such as T-Mobile, AT&T and Cricket Wireless. Oh, they also have a few Android enabled 4K TVs as well that are priced equally as well.

    Jaybird X2 Sport Wireless Bluetooth Headphones – $74.99 at Amazon 


    Jaybird is the true pioneer in wireless earbuds. It brought us the comfort fins that keep the earbuds in your ears while you work out. The X2s sold millions around the globe for its excellent sound quality, eight hour battery life and water resistance. At $85 off, these are a great deal for those who want premium sound while they work out.

    Jaybird recently released its latest X3 earbuds, and while I loved them in my full review, the X2s are still a great set of wireless headphones that sound great.

    Put them on and head out for a run, walk or workout. Music stimulates your brain and can help get you in shape for the summer months ahead.

    Spigen Pixel and Pixel XL cases – all on sale at Amazon


    We love our Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones here at AndroidGuys. Most of us think, in our early impressions, that they are the best two Androids you can get. The only problem is their massive prices which start at $649. Regardless, it still is ridiculously fast, has the coolest launcher, and has one of the best cameras in a smartphone.

    You need to protect your investment with a case. Right now, Spigen has a sale on most of its premium cases at Amazon. Spigen has been an industry leader in cases, and its Pixel examples are top notch too. Matt Adams will be reviewing quite a few of them in the coming weeks.

    iOrange-E USB C to USB 3.0 (USB 3.1 Gen 1) 6.6 Ft Braided Cable – $9.99 at Amazon with discount code QGJP7CJ8 (save $3)


    While we are on the topic of the Pixels, you might as well grab a few new USB C cables from i-Orange. The 6ft braided cable from iOrange is one of the most durable you can get with its nylon wrapping, and I use several around my house and office. This particular is my favorite because the ends are metal and the cable is wrapped in ballistic nylon which makes it incredibly tough. All of my i-Orange cables still look brand new even though they are six months old. At $9.99 these cables are an incredible value considering they will last longer than any device you currently own.

    SanDisk Ultra 200GB Micro SD – $75.74 at Amazon 


    Do you own a smartphone or tablet with expandable memory? Today is the perfect day to add more with the Sandisk 200GB MicroSD card on sale for $75. It’s perfect for those of you who takes thousands of pictures, download endless video content and high-res music to your devices. You’ll almost never run out of memory again with a MicroSD card of this size and is a great addition for those of you with families who have to travel for Thanksgiving or other winter holidays. You can load up hundreds of hours of video content to keep your loved ones entertained while they sit for the long car ride or flight across the country.

    Honor 8 Unlocked Phone 32GB – (US Warranty) – $349.99 at Amazon (save $50)


    Huawei made an ultra compelling device in the Honor 8. It came out to rave reviews and is one of the best mid-range phones you can get your hands on. It’s got a beautiful metal and glass build similar to what you’d find on a Samsung Galaxy device, yet it comes in at half the price at $350 on sale. It is one of our favorite phones of 2016 because it offers great hardware with a 12MP dual camera set up, an octa core processor, 4GB of RAM, 32GB of memory and a 5.2″ 1080P display making for one heck of an experience. It’s only compatible with GSM networks like AT&T, Cricket Wireless and T-Mobile.

    Motorola Moto 360 Sport – 45mm, Flame – $138.99 at Amazon (save 54%)

    Millions of people wear fitness trackers to monitor how many steps they run or walk in a day. However very know that Android Wear can do the same thing while offering other features such as the ability to take a phone call from your watch, install apps to keep track of your calendar or texts, and even download music to go phone-free during your workouts. All you have to do is connect a set of Bluetooth headphones to the watch and you can stream music to your headphones without having to take along your big and bulky smartphone.

    The Moto 360 Sport isn’t the best all around Android Wear with an average display, but at $138.99 it’s cheaper than some wearables like the FitBit Blaze and offers a lot more features. It’s also super comfortable with the silicone watchband too. It’s my default Android Wear device for working out because it doesn’t get in the way when I lift weights like my Nixon Mission does.

    AXGIO Quick Charge 3.0 Car Charger Dual Port USB Fast Charger – $13.99 at Amazon with discount code EJXL5AAN (full review here)


    There’s a good chance the charger in your car is a few years old. It’s time to upgrade with the AXGIO Quick charger which is on sale for $13.99. If you need to take advantage of fast charging speeds anywhere it will be in your car. You’ll also need the extra power to charge your device while using it for tasks such as GPS and wireless streaming. It’s one of the better options out there as it offers dual USB 3.0 ports where most chargers offer one. It can charge compatible devices such as the LG G5 and Samsung Galaxy S7 edge from 0-50% in less than 30 minutes.

    That’s it for this weekends deals. Get some rest to recover from the long week and please make sure to get out and vote. Also take the time to thank a veteran in your life as they fought to protect our freedom. It’s a small gesture that goes a long way.

    Have a great weekend.

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