I’m someone who loves changing wallpapers. What I love even more than changing wallpapers, is searching, more like scouring, the interwebs looking for the next wallpaper to grace my various home screens. What’s great about Android, is that there are a plethora of various wallpaper applications that help me change my wallpapers on an almost daily basis. Plus, if there is integration with Muzei, it gets even better, since the wallpaper will just change automatically. Sure, there are those times where I’ll look at my home screen and be surprised, but Muzei almost makes it feel like a new experience all the time. Well today, we are taking a look at a couple of wallpaper applications that I’ve been using for awhile now.


Zyden was created by a few folks, one that you may have heard of, OffCorner, and Triple Triangle Design. Zyden offers more than just a few different wallpapers, and was one of the first applications to take advantage of the gorgeous Android L design. The developers for Zyden, surely didn’t disappoint in trying to make Zyden one of the most beautiful overall applications available in the Play Store today.


Zyden Dashboard

As with most icon packs, and other wallpaper applications, Zyden is Cloud based, meaning that all of the wallpapers are stored in the cloud, and all it takes is a couple taps, and the wallpaper is applied to your device. The benefit of having a cloud based dashboard is to save storage on your various devices, and you only have your favorite wallpapers readily available.

Zyden Categories

Zyden also offers 29 different categories of wallpapers, so there is more than plenty to choose from. If you’re looking to use Zyden for your tablet? No worries. OffCorner, and Triple Triangle Design also optimized Zyden to be compatible with your tables so that you can get your favorite wallpapers no matter what device you are using.

Wallpaper Selection Zyden

There are two versions of Zyden available. The paid version, at $1.50, offers users integrated Behang Blink support, as well as the ability to use Zyden in unison with Muzei. In terms of if there are any differences in the wallpapers available between the paid and free versions, again there’s no need to worry, as all the selections are available regardless of what version you have.

[pb-app-box pname=’com.zyden.activity’ name=’Zyden Premium’ theme=’light’ lang=’en’]

OYM Alpha

OYM Alpha is next on our list today, and comes from Neffstarr and Jhey. OYM is THE place to go in regards to having the biggest choice in wallpapers for your devices. Neffstarr is constantly, and I mean CONSTANTLY updating the servers for this application to include as many wallpapers as your mind can contemplate. The Play Store description lists OYM as having 4048 custom walls and still adding”, but I know for a fact there are WAY more than 4048 available.

OYM Dashboard

If you follow Neffstarr, you can start to get an idea of what kind of wallpapers are being added to the list, and how quickly they will be available for your devices. OYM Alpha has 25 different categories to choose from, and as you are scrolling and discovering where OYM takes you, the dashboard has the ability to favorite wallpapers so you can choose them later.

OYM Categories

OYM Alpha also offers tablet optimization, the ability to crop images, and there are no issues with worrying about whether any wallpaper you choose will fit your device, as it detects the resolution and sets it accordingly. If you’re looking for a TON of wallpapers, look no further than OYM Alpha.

Wallpaper Selection OYM

OYM Alpha is available via the Play Store widget below for $1.50, and is a welcome site to see on any device.

[pb-app-box pname=’com.oym.android.wallpaper’ name=’OYM Alpha’ theme=’light’ lang=’en’]


Okay, I know there hasn’t been any type of MAJOR redesign to wlpapR since it was released by Jacek Malinowski, otherwise known as yackovsky. However, wlpapR was one of the first wallpaper dedicated applications that I purchased for my Android devices. With an accompanying website, wlpapR offers loads of various wallpapers that, like every other application mentioned today, are stored remotely, so that the wallpapers don’t take up unnecessary storage on your devices.

wlpapR Dashboard

wlpapR offers 19 different categories to choose from, and with yackovsky being able to upload new ones at his discretion, there are countless wallpapers available with this application. In addition to OYM Alpha and Zyden, wlpapR also offers the ability to use as a Blink extension with Behang, as well as support for Muzei.

wlpapR Categories

If you want to get an idea of what kind of wallpapers are offered by wlpapR, you can head on over to yackovsky’s dedicated website, here, and take a look. You may even find a wallpaper that you would love to use for your desktop, and be able to do so with ease.

Wallpaper Selection wlpapR

wlpapR is available on the Play Store for $1.38, and is well worth the purchase, considering the type of dedication and hard work Jacek puts into everything he does.

[pb-app-box pname=’com.yackovsky.wlpapr’ name=’wlpapR’ theme=’light’ lang=’en’]

This is just a few of the wallpaper applications that are becoming more and more available on the Play Store, and these are my top 3 favorite ones. What wallpaper applications do you use? Do you use any in unsion with Behang or Muzei? If so let us know in the comment section below.

Keep Customizing.

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