Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ a few weeks ago and while they are both spectacular devices, there are a few things that Samsung could have done to make the phones a lot better (at least in our opinion). In this article we explore what could have been, had Samsung made a few different choices. So what did Samsung miss with the Galaxy S8?

No standard variant

This is an obvious one, but this year both Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ come with curved displays – take it or leave it! But what about the people who for some reason or another, prefer the good-old flat display? They will probably have to skip Samsung flagships this year and instead take up a Galaxy S7 or maybe the Galaxy A7 (2017). Sorry, folks!

No RAM capacity bump

The Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge came bundling 4GB of RAM, and a year later the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ arrived with the same amount of RAM onboard. Yeah, Samsung does offer a 6GB of RAM version in China, because the market there is highly competitive, and maybe just maybe if there’s enough demand the model will launch in other markets, but it would have been nice to see the Galaxy S8 launch with 6GB of RAM by default.

No dual cameras – on the front or back

Maybe Samsung hasn’t been paying attention, but dual cameras are the trend in 2017. But the company didn’t really focus on the photography aspect when it comes to this year’s flagships. It slightly improved the main shooter and upgraded the selfie camera from 5MP to 8MP while also throwing in autofocus. According to rumors, Samsung’s first dual camera device is going to be the Galaxy Note8 which is expected to arrive towards the end of the year.

No stereo speakers

Since Samsung acquired audio product giant, Harman many assumed that the Galaxy S8 is going to take advantage of advanced audio technology. Stereo speakers would have really complemented the Galaxy S8’s beautiful HDR Super AMOLED display, but who knows maybe the Galaxy Note8 is going to make this dream reality.

No 4K display

While the Galaxy S8 does feature the advanced 2960 x 1440 resolution, Samsung could have taken the flagship to the next level by adding a 4K display – which would have better accommodated the implementation of VR. Once again, the rumor mill speculates the Galaxy Note8 will be the first Samsung device to launch with a 4K screen. So maybe you’ll want to save your money for the Note8, huh?

No bigger battery

Last but least, we can skip over the fact that the battery inside the Galaxy S8 remains the same as the Galaxy S7’s – of 3,000 mAh capacity. The phone features a demanding QHD+ display and despite the power efficient 10nm processor inside, the battery won’t be achieving any miracles. Customers will be lucky if they get through the day without plugging the device in for a charge – especially on active usage.

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