Making its debut with its latest smartphones, the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, is Samsung’s new Infinity Display. It’s a fancy sounding name to be sure, but what is it really?

The Infinity Display builds on the curved edge displays first introduced a few years back around the Galaxy Note Edge. After finding a home on various “Edge” models since, curved screens get more interesting this year with the Galaxy S8 line.

…Infinity Display and bezel-less design form a smooth, continuous surface with no buttons or harsh angles. The result is a truly immersive viewing experience without distractions and makes multi-tasking more convenient…

For 2017’s flagship model, Samsung has pushed things ever further to the side edges of the phone. Moreover, it has also trimmed things at the top and bottom of the handset. What does this do? In short, it gives you bigger screens without the need for a bigger physical unit. Indeed, the standard Galaxy S8 boasts a 5.8-inch display while the Galaxy S8+ comes with a whopping 6.2-inches of real estate.

Not that it has anything specific with the “Infinity Display”, but Samsung’s phones also feature Corning Gorilla Glass 5 on both the front and back. This means they’re much more durable than predecessors and can withstand drops, scuffs, and scrapes better than most.

If the phones look like they are nearly all screen, that’s for good reason. Samsung completely redesigned its handsets, embedding the home button under the screen until you need it. At first glance it appears there’s nothing to see but what you need to see.

We’ve seen various phone makers employ different tactics over the years, all in the name of standing out from the pack. One of the most consistent trends, however, is trying to eliminate any traces of bezel. Some, like the Xiaomi Mi Mix and forthcoming UMIDIGI C NOTE, are almost all screen. LG comes close with its G6; we suspect there will be others this year which comprise a high screen:body ratio.

As for Samsung and its Infinity Display, we’re on board. Time will tell, but we imagine the days of “Edge” models may be over.  This may be the way things are for Samsung and its key releases. Going forward we figure we’ll get standard displays for most of the entry-level and mid-range stuff and Infinity Displays on flagships and premium models.

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  1. Do you really like the fact that you always unintendedly trigger some actions just because you cannot hold your phone without touching the touch screen?

    • That’s not a thing but enjoying alternative facts. If you wanna crap on it mention bixby, or the fingerprint sensor placement. Maybe the terrible mono speaker?

      • That definitely is “a thing” and I can’t stand it. I’m trying to not go back to iPhone but curved displays are not for everyone.

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