[dropcaps]Today we saw the announcement of three new devices from Motorola: the Moto X Style, Moto X Play, and the new Moto G. However, for consumers in the US, we are only getting the Moto X Style. For whatever reasons, Motorola is not advertising it as such here in the states.[/dropcaps]

A quick trip to motorola.com/us/home leads you to some new banners and such, advertising the new Moto G (seeing as it’s the only phone of the aforementioned three available now). Glancing down the page you see something that says “Express yourself with Moto X Pure Edition” with a link to “Learn More”. After today’s announcement, many Android blogs and websites seem to be confusing things for consumers here in the US regarding what exactly they should be looking forward to. Hopefully I can clear that up!

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[df-subtitle]What is the Moto X Pure Edition?[/df-subtitle]

“Moto X Pure Edition” is not a new term used by Motorola. For last year’s flagship, that was the version of the phone purchased directly from Motorola’s website that was unlocked, off-contract, with no carrier branding, ready to use on any carrier using GSM radios (mostly nerd-talk, if you don’t understand that just ignore it). That is essentially what is happening with the newest Moto X, except this time Motorola is taking it a step further.

Now, in the US at least, the Moto X Pure Edition is the only Moto X you can buy, and refers to the Moto X Style announced this morning. This means that Motorola’s newest flagship will not be available in carrier stores, only on motorola.com, amazon.com, and bestbuy.com. The only brick-and-mortar store the Moto X Pure Edition will be available in is Best Buy stores. Furthermore, the Moto X Pure Edition can be used on any carrier. Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, or any other carrier that sells SIM cards can be used with this phone.

Motorola says that most consumers care more about their Android smartphone being “pure” than anything else. So, Motorola is taking this to the furthest places it can, by selling the Moto X Pure Edition.

[df-subtitle]Any other reason I should care?[/df-subtitle]

Short answer: yes.

Motorola’s new flagship is openly embracing the no-contract model carriers have been introducing, and are essentially snubbing any carrier’s desire to have a version of their phone made specifically for them. No longer do you need to have the right Moto X to use on your carrier, because that doesn’t exist. The implications are huge.

For those concerned about how much this will cost, don’t fret. The new Moto X Pure Edition starts at $399. No, that is not a typo.

For those concerned about dropping $399 right away, you also shouldn’t fret. Motorola for awhile has been offering ways to set up a payment plan for their phones, and Best Buy has similar options as well.

Too Long; Didn’t Read: The Moto X Pure Edition is the only Moto X available in the US (the one announced as the Moto X Style this morning), and is not being sold by individual carriers, but rather is available online and in Best Buy, unlocked and ready to use for whatever carrier you’d like.

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