Why I’m still getting either a Note 5 or S6 Edge+

    I’ll first say that one of the best things to come out of Samsung’s announcement today is that the constant leaks of these two devices can STOP, finally.  With that said, it looks like the leaks were mostly accurate.

    I can essentially sum up these two devices as so:

    Note 5 – A blown up Galaxy S6 with a stylus.

    S6 Edge+ – A blown up Galaxy S6 Edge.

    From my tone, you’ve probably guessed that I’m underwhelmed by this announcement.  However, I’m not as distraught as many people are about it.  I mean, I can sympathize with Note power users, such as our own Derrick Miyao.  Samsung turned your world upside down.

    But I actually like Samsung’s hardware refinement.  Never being a Galaxy user, Samsung finally convinced me with the S6 Edge.  And I adored the design.

    So that got me thinking…what exactly is Samsung doing here?  Let’s recap:  Derrick, an avid Note fan, is upset.  Me, never a Note user, is satisfied.

    If Samsung is trying to redefine the Note’s audience, I must ask:  Does it really have the luxury to dump its fan base?  I mean, it’s a huge company, but really?

    I digress.  I liked the S6 Edge.  Two big problems I had with it was the small display and battery life.  This means that both the Note 5 and S6 Edge+ are closer to perfection.  So job well done Samsung?

    Not quite.  A mediocre effort deserves to be called one.  The event began with Samsung presenters on the stage talking about the evolution of the Note line.  They touched on how it has improved into the beautified mold of their current metal/glass design.

    Galaxy Note5_Black_White_2P

    But when we saw it on the screen, past all the talk, I just kept thinking how it simply looks like a large Galaxy S6.  And I don’t think I was the only one.

    Fortunately, Samsung didn’t leave it at that.  It threw us a couple bones.  The stylus is spring-loaded now and satisfyingly pops out of it’s hole.  You can start writing notes on the screen right away, without pressing the power button.  And that keyboard case…


    While I shrugged at the keyboard case in the leaked images (to me the appearance looks dated), in action it seems like a promising accessory.  Especially when you recall that the Note line has traditionally been aimed at people who use their phone for work.

    Cleverly, the keyboard section of the case can pop off and be attached to the back until you need it again.  This is a great solution considering that the keyboard takes up a good chunk of screen real estate when you use it.

    As far as the S6 Edge+ goes, I think Samsung could’ve just said one sentence and been done with it:  The Galaxy S6 Edge+ is a larger S6 Edge.  That’s essentially all there is to it.  And yes, I’m ignoring those minor software tricks on purpose.

    Galaxy S6 edge+_S6 edge_Black_Black_2P

    You may be confused by my back and forth.  What it comes down to is that Samsung leads both display and camera in smartphones.  You can knock Samsung all you want, but the fact remains.

    Three things that kept the Galaxy S6 from being perfect were screen size, battery, and TouchWiz.  With these new phones, Samsung addressed the screen size and helped the battery life.  Say what you will, but the arguably best Android phone is now improved, in the right ways.  This is why I’m getting either a Note 5 or S6 Edge+…once I can decide on which.

    But I won’t let Samsung off that easy.  You can’t just spend 6 months and deliver us the same phone but larger.  That in itself says that you’ve run out of ideas and aren’t putting forth an effort.  The fast wireless charging is a good step, but that cord-free future isn’t so close.

    What are your thoughts, are you still picking up either of these phablets?

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