Most wireless customers are familiar with the big-name brands in Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint. Far fewer buyers are as well-versed when it comes to the topic of Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO).

Companies like Metro, Boost Mobile, and Cricket Wireless don’t own their own networks but license them for usage. Although coverage is essentially the same as the tier-one providers, they’ll have their own phones, rate plans, and customer service. NET10 Wireless is one such MVNO worth closer inspection.


As a company that operates almost virtually, NET10 doesn’t have any towers of their own. What’s more, it does not have any official retail stores, paper bills, activation fees, or overage charges.

It does, however have a presence at indirect sellers and locations such as Dollar General and Family Dollar. NET10 Wireless service plans and Bring-Your-Own-Phone SIM Kits are currently sold in Walmart, CVS, Best Buy, Walgreens and many other local stores. Its devices are available exclusively online via the brand’s website

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Using both CDMA and GSM technologies, NET10 lets customers bring their AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, or unlocked GSM phones.

Rate Plans

Customers can choose from a number of options spread across various types of plans. For those who only needed the barest of necessities, the pay-as-you-go provides buckets of minutes. The Monthly Talk, Text, and Data plans range from $20 up to $65 per month and come with variable amounts of high speed data.

Note that all plans include unlimited data but allow for only certain amounts at high speed. Once you hit the cap you’ll have slowed (2G) speeds for the remainder of the bill cycle.

  • $20/month: 1GB
  • $35/month: 4GB
  • $40/month: 8GB
  • $50/month: 10GB Nationwide
  • $60/month: 12GB Nationwide
  • $65/month: 10GB International

Select plans give buyers the option to save a few bucks per month by enrolling in Auto-Refill automatic bill payments. Let Net10 automatically deduct your payment and you’ll be looking at the following:

  • $31.50/month: 4GB
  • $36/month: 8GB
  • $45/month: 10GB Nationwide
  • $60/month: 10GB International

Family Plans

NET10 Wireless refers to these as “Multi-Line Plans” as opposed to family plans. A new line of service can be added to any plan; here are some examples of what one can get for the money.

  • $75 for 2 lines with 8GB
  • $90 for 2 lines with 10GB
  • $130 for 3 lines with 10GB
  • $170 for 4 lines with 10GB

Handset Selection

Customers can purchase handsets in one of two ways: buy them outright or spread payments out monthly. The selection through the former leaves much to be desired with less than one dozen models to choose from. Opting for the latter opens the door to a wide range of phones with financing through Affirm.

Bring Your Own Device

One place where NET10 really shines is in its support for phones from other carriers. Those of you who have access to an existing phone, or who might have purchased an unlocked phone elsewhere, can bring the device to NET10.

Whether you’re looking for a new phone number or hoping to keep your existing one, NET10 works. Moreover, you can also keep your same network in the background, receiving the coverage you already know. Head to the NET10 page to check compatibility of your phone.

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