At one point or another, almost all of us have tried blogging in some form.  Whether it be sitting down on your computer and logging into or micro-blogging with services like twitter from your cell phone, chances are good you have tried your hand at something.  Heck, even AndroidGuys, and many of your favorite tech sites use WordPress to “blog” the news.  While some of you like to stay on top of things and push out time sensitive articles, others like to offer up random bits of information whenever the urge strikes.  Thankfully, that Android phone you have in your pocket is a valuable tool to help you no matter what your needs are. 


We’ve put together a quick list of ten applications to help current and aspiring bloggers handle things from an Android phone.  Now, as with all of our lists, we know this is not comprehensive, nor is it ever complete.  That’s where we turn to you guys.  If you have an app that you are using for blogging purposes, share it with the rest of us.  Leave a comment below with the name of the application so that we can check it out.  As time passes, we’ll revisit some of our lists and amend them with new titles!

  1. WordPress (Official Client) – Has been improving slowly and steadily since it first debuted in the Android Market.  While it might not be the ideal experience to do a lot of blogging, it’s great for creating drafts and/or editing work done by others.  With no visual editor, it does rely on knowledge of basic HTML/PHP/CSS coding.  We’d love to see a tablet friendly version that takes advantage of fragments.
  2. Tumblr (Official Client) -Simple and straightforward application for a simple and straightforward blogging service.  Clean and easy to post text, quotes, links, pictures, etc.
  3. Posterous (Official Client) – Post to your personal, public site or private groups with this sharp looking application.  No frills or clutter to get in the way of sharing your thoughts whenever inspiration strikes.
  4. Blogger (Official Client) – Oddly enough, this Google app is the latest of the big blogging tools to hit the Android Market.  As one would expect, it lets users create new articles add pictures, labels, and more.  Not quite as feature-rich as third party alternatives, we expect Google to roll updates out on a regular basis.
  5. AnyPost – More micro-blogging than conventional blogging, this app supports so it syncs Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and more.  Toss a photo or geo-location in and spice up your words.
  6. Blogger-Droid – Until Google released the official app, this was a popular alternative.  Users can view, edit, and delete posts as well as upload images, view comments, and post comments.  Available in both free (ad-supported) and paid ($3.16 US) versions.
  7. Pixelpipe – Manage blogs posts for more than 75 services including Blogger, TypePad, WordPress, MoveableType, tumbler, and LiveJournal.  Also supports other tools and services such as Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, Blogger, Twitter, Foursquare, and Dropbox.
  8. Moby – Share text, audio, pictures, and videos across a couple dozen social networking and blogging services.  Supports big players like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, WordPress, Blogger, LiveJournal, and Netlog.
  9. MyTumblr – With a gorgeous look and rich set of features, it’s easy to see why this app has more been downloaded over 50,000 times.  Available in free (ad-supported) and paid flavors, users can view a full dashboard of options, submit every Tumblr type of post, set notifications, integrate with Twitter, and stream audio and video posts.

Now, we know we’ve got a good list here, but there are bound to apps that you might prefer over the titles listed above.  What have you been using on your Android phone to stay connected to your blog?  Leave a comment below and let us know what else we should be considering!

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