Know someone about to graduate in the next few days? Are you in need of a gift for them? Why go the conventional route and pick up a physical product? No, this time you’re gonna be the cool friend or relative and purchase something practical for that special someone.

We’ve put together a list of services you can purchase an entire lifetime subscription or plan to for less than fifty bucks. Well, some of them walk right up to the border at $49.99, but most of them are a fraction of the cost. You can’t go wrong here and you’ll look like a hero.



Hushed Private Phone Line: $25

Keep your real phone number hidden while making calls and sending texts for work, dating, Craigslist sales, and more thanks to Hushed. You’ll use their simple and secure app to easily make calls on your second number (you’ll even choose the area code) without committing to another long, expensive phone contract.

CloudApp Pro Lite File-Sharing: $24.99

Sharing files just became easier than ever thanks to CloudApp—the app used by two million leading designers, developers, and support teams. Get in on this premium app, and say goodbye to saving and re-saving files in different folders, or waiting for inefficient programs to load.


StreamJack TV SmartDNS: $29

Every device connected to the Internet is using a ‘DNS’—even your device, right now. By using StreamJack’s DNS, your IP address will be routed through their custom global DNS network. As a result, you’ll shield your IP from prying eyes, and even unblock geo-restricted content. That’s right, watch your favorite shows anywhere in the world.

ZoogTV VPN: $39

ZoogTV VPN dares to be better than the competition. In addition to Internet security, browsing freedom, and a no logging policy, it offers an elite, hand-picked server network. Why? ZoogTV VPN wants to be absolutely sure you can rely on fast, trouble-free connections anywhere in the world.


Password Boss Premium: $19.99

Use this premium app to store and auto-fill usernames and passwords for all your online accounts. Just remember one master password, and let Password Boss do the rest. This means you’ll aways be using strong passwords composed of randomized character strings, for maximum security and peace-of-mind.

Celo VPN: $29

Complete online security doesn’t need to cost a fortune. Celo VPN brings together all the essential tools one looks for in a VPN: high speed connections, worldwide servers, data encryption, and the ability to bypass location-based censorship.

Dragie v2 Website Builder: $19

What if developing a professional website was as easy as drag and drop? With Dragie, it can be. You’ll have access to 16 Bootstrap themes and more than 30 elements like progress bars and login forms—i.e. all the tools you need to create an awesome website.


VPN Unlimited & To Do Checklist: Lifetime Subscription Bundle: $41

Say goodbye to all your online privacy worries, for life. VPN Unlimited is your one-stop shop for protecting both your Wi-Fi and cellular connections, securing your online activity, and bypassing web content restrictions. This To Do Checklist app doesn’t just help you compile your to-dos–it’ll help you complete them in no time. You’ll access a rich array of features allowing you to group, share, and schedule reminders for your tasks, ultimately turning you into a productivity machine.

IDrive Unlimited Mobile Backup: $10

Your phone holds a ton of valuable personal information and digital assets, and IDrive is here to make sure your digital life is safe, backed up, and secured with 256-bit AES encryption. This Unlimited Lifetime Mobile Backup plan allows you to back up your contacts, photos, videos, calendar events, and more on up to 5 devices.

BaseRails Ruby on Rails Training: $49

Whether you know it or not, Ruby on Rails is the language powering most of the web applications you visit daily—putting Ruby developers in constant high demand! Tap into this lucrative market with BaseRail’s in-depth training, in which you will build real, deployable apps in order to gain a mastery of not only Ruby on Rails, but web scraping and other must-know web technologies.


SkyHub Cloud 2TB Backup: $39.99

We live our lives online, and owe it to ourselves to back up our data in a secure and reliable manner. This is more important than ever considering 87% of computer users today are defenseless against cyber data loss. Not only does SkyHub safely house your data now and forever, but it grants you access to your information through your own online dashboard.

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