The 2011 BigAndroidBBQ Starts TODAY!

The wait is over, kids.  Today is the kickoff to the 2011 BigAndroidBBQ and we couldn’t be more excited.  If you are among the hundreds of folks attending the sold-out event this year, then you should get your butt into town early.  Why? Because we’re starting things off right tonight with the AndroidGuys/AndroidGals pizza and pool party.  That’s why.  Seriously, if you arrive in Austin this afternoon or evening, make an effort to swing by the StayBridge Suites near the airport.  We’ll be there between 7PM-10PM, rubbing elbows and chatting Android with your fellow developers and enthusiasts.

We’ve got a bunch of stuff to hand out for those of you who do stop by and plenty of great prizes to win as well.  We’re not going to say exactly why, but you should follow us on Twitter and Facebook just to be safe…

Take a look at the goodies we’re passing out!  There’s all kinds of stuff from productivity apps to games, to accessories, to just plain ol’ cash!  We didn’t add it up but we’re talking thousands of dollars worth of freebies, some just for showing up!

A special thank you to all those participating in the giveaways and promotions.  You’ve all been very gracious and more than a pleasure to deal with!