Looking Back at the Year That Was 2008

I don’t know whether anyone remembers much of 2007 or will remember things to come from 2009. But, 2008 would quite inadvertently go down in to the memory drain of mankind as one of the most happening years in our history. 2008 saw the dawn of many things. It’s been a rocking year as far as technology is concerned and a rocking year for the economy. We saw interest rate cuts, budget cuts, and GDP growth rate cuts for every single country on our planet.

As bad as the economy was, so at its best was the technology that emerged in 2008. We saw few of the most memorable releases that will play a major role in the coming years. Well, quite naturally the best thing that happened was the release of Android, Google’s foray in to the mobile industry with its open source operating system. Whenever a giant like Google sets its foot in to such a demanding area as is the mobile industry, we expect something magnanimous and Google never disappoints its supporters. The very first day Android was announced it created ripples in the mobile industry.  Ripples which have slowly transformed into waves hitting the other players so hard that they were practically magnetized into becoming open source.

We saw the competition grow to new heights with the entire industry embracing the developer and user-centric attitude. According to their recent research report, Gartner said that Symbian still commands 49.8 percent of the global mobile OS market and was pretty skeptical in its reports over Android. The very fact that, Android is being mooted in just less than a year of its release shows its on to something real serious in terms of apps and the user experience.

The stand out players of this year have been Apple, Google and HTC. Apple overcame its own sales record by recording a massive 327.5% YoY growth in its iPhone sales. Google completed their first decade and released its own browser, Chrome.  And then there was Android, of course.  HTC has surely established its brand the world over by releasing the first device to run Android along with a slew of niche hand sets.

Microsoft and Moto were largely taking too much on to them this year. After the release of Android and even Symbian being evangelized to become an open source OS, Microsoft found itself to be short on fuel, resulting in a sling-a campaign. Moto though was on the economic side of the year, with it being nailed down with a massive loss that it would soon like to forget.  We, being the sunny-side type, are expecting a breath-taking design from Moto in 2009, with their take on Android.

So, as 2009 is upon us, everyone from a tech geek to a bearish-economist is expecting the best of the year 2009.

Wishing all the AndroidGuys fans (that includes me) a bullish year 2009.

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