AdSense for Mobile Success Story: APNDroid

Martin Adamek, one of the developers of APNDroid, recently received an email from Google AdSense for Mobile Applications, letting him know that they’d made some subtle UI changes to the ads. To enhance user experience, the ads now featured a button on the right instead of the entire text being clickable. Below you see APNDroid with the older implementation (left) and the new Ads (right).


The expectation was that this might decrease click-through rates. Instead,  Martin has seen his rates double since the change, which translates to more revenue from the ads for him as well. He doesn’t give specific numbers on CTR or revenue but does mention “a little secret.” While it’s only been eight days since the change, Martin concludes that the button/ad design change is driving the CTR increase. This is of course good news to mobile developers.

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