Aduru’s collaborative mobile network seeks to help developers advertise for free

Android developers looking at various advertising and monetization options may want to swing by Aduru and check out their “collaborative mobile ad network”.  Designed with a “scratch our back and we’ll scratch yours” model it allows developers to trade their unused ad space.  In other words, you advertise the games/apps for developers X and Y in your app and those guys advertise yours in their app.  It doesn’t cost you anything to do it and you won’t earn any actual revenue but you’ll get ad impressions – and that may be all you need.

Features of Aduru:

  • Aduru as a “backfill” network – A great way to use Aduru is to display an Aduru ad when your “paid” ads fail to fill. This strategy ensures you always maximise your ad space as Aduru offers a 100% fill rate.
  • Split your ad requests – Decide how often you wish to display “paid adverts” and when you’d like to earn ad impressions by displaying Aduru adverts (now supports AdWhirl)
  • Split requests by date/time – Does your paid advert provider routinely have times when their eCPM is particularly low? If so this may be a good time to display Aduru ads and earn yourself impressions for your adverts
  • Run House Ads – If you have paid and ad supported apps, run Aduru adverts within your ad supported app and earn impressions to advertise your paid app!
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