After The Conference – My Take of the Event

Well, well, well.  The event has finally come to pass and now the speculation draws to an end.  My initial thoughts from the conference, in no particular order are:

  • I hope that EDGE works better than we think it will.
  • I cannot wait to see the apps start rolling in.
  • When can I get my hands on one?
  • The more I see the device, the more it grows on me.
  • For $179, that’s the best phone you can get for your money.  No discussion.
  • Andy Rubin seems so likable and genuinely enthusiastic.
  • I hope the accelerometer can turn the screen without opening keypad.
  • How cool was it seeing developers I’ve come to get to know!?
  • I really wish I was downstairs asking more questions.
  • They didn’t make it so you can’t support MS Exchange, leaving door wide open!
  • Am I going to start paying for MP3’s again?  Amazon store fascinates me.
  • What is Apple going to do?
  • How much has this broken into mainstream yet?  Does your aunt know about Google phone yet?

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  1. “I hope the accelerometer can turn the screen without opening keypad.”

    Thats my biggest thing right now, they didn’t showcase that at all. And why is there a trackball on this thing even though its a touchscreen? very grrrrrrrrrrrr. Though that still didn’t stop me from ordering it anyway. I hope I’m happy with it once it’s in my hands. 300 dollar upgrade price did leave a frown on my face though. In the end they have to make their money I guess.

  2. Well, I can tell you that my aunt doesn’t know a darn thing about the Android. I showed this to my wife about 100 times and she only pretends to be interested. I can look at the Android and see how awesome the operating system is. To her, it looks like her phone…so why buy this one? I hope they come up with a clever commercial. I don’t want to see “iPhone Killer” anywhere on it. They really need to get it out to people that its not a second-place market entry device. Not just better than the iPhone, but also different.

  3. Hey, the price upfront might be $179, but you have to sign for 2 years of paying $55 per month at least. That’s over $1500 all in all. So please, don’t insult everyones intelligence. The price of a phone is not in the upfront price, it’s in the obligatory voice plan. You know, in other countries, voice plans aren’t obligatory, and don’t have to last or 2 years in contracts.

    A $179 Android phone with $25 unlimited data plan and pre-paid VOIP voice services would have been much more reasonable. If T-Mobile wants to gain market share, that’s what they should do. Advertise for “Free unlimited phone calls”, everyone will use that. You only pay if you phone out, skype-out, SIP-out equivalent, but you get tons of T-Mobile VOIP services such as unique phone numbers in other countries, peering agreements with other SIP providers, free Skype to Skype, partnership with Skype for Skype-out, and more.

    That’s what an Android carrier should do, go all the way data-centric.

  4. Gotta read the fine print:
    **3G coverage is available only in certain markets. See coverage map for details. Data: If your total data usage in any billing cycle is more than 1GB, your data throughput for the remainder of that cycle may be reduced to 50 kbps or less. Your data session, plan, or service may be suspended, terminated, or restricted for significant roaming or if you use your service in a way that interferes with our network or ability to provide quality service to other users. Some devices require specific data plans; if you do not have the right plan for your device, you may not be able to use data services. Some downloads, such as movies, music, and games, not included. Domestic use only.

    That is from:

    Doesn’t sound like unlimited to me. Dial up speeds if u use it too much?

  5. Is a touchscreen keyboard is also available? I don’t want to have to slide out the screen and turn the phone everytime I want to type out something short and quick. The slide-out-and-type concept seems especially cumbersome for one-handed typing. This might seem like a small thing now… but might get irritating very fast once you start using the phone. There are simply too many times in the day when you want to type something quick, on the go, with one hand.

  6. @ AS
    There is no mention of a touch screen keyboard. Not to say that someone couldn’t write an App for it though. T-Mobile’s site was still down so I couldn’t get all the details. I think they are trying to be different than the iPhone and exploit the things that people don’t like, like the lack of any buttons. . However, seems that they are making some of the same mistakes Apple did. It’s a good first effort.

  7. screen is not as responsive to touch as the iPhone….. For me a HUGE letdown!!!! :(

    Support from 8gb to 16gb is only a software update away….

    A2DP also in future software updates…

  8. “They didn’t make it so you can’t support MS Exchange, leaving door wide open!”

    Rhetorically this was the best way for them to put it.

    Instead of listing it as their own shortcoming, they are saying “hey its open source so we’re giving you the chance to claim a gold medal!”

  9. I think HTC were just dumb pipes in this project without having any say… that’s why not much publicity/excitement for them, they had their revenge by contributing cheap hardware… No 3.5 jack? What were you thinking?

  10. T-MO business customers are getting screwed!! We CAN NOT do the pre-order. Business accounts are not eligible for online handset upgrades. I even called their business care department and they confirmed it but agreed it didn’t make sense. I spend $900 frickin dollars a month! I want to be able to reserve one just like every Joe and Jane on the street!!!

    Grrrr!!!! Someone in ‘management’ is getting a call tomorrow!!

  11. accelerometer is there…. Google have not made any use of it. Accelerometer API is there is android SDK. Developer can make use of it. E.g. There is no video player in android 1.0. You have to download video players from Market. There is one video player where the developer has made use of accelerometer in it, so that screen turns to landscape automatically when you rotate the device.

    Acceptance of 16gb cards in future software updates to android, so is A2DP.

    As of now android is only just bones.. there is a lot of work to be done by developers which will take some time. Android can start competing with other OS only when these missing pieces are fixed.

    As for hardware design, i think HTC had just no say in this project. They just blindly followed what was told to them by Google & T-Mobile. Expect them to come out with their dedicated android phone in near future.

    One serious concern of mine is the touch sensitivity of the screen…. It is no where near iPhone’s smoothness. Whether it is a software issue or hardware, i don’t care. This should be addressed very quickly by Google. This feature for me makes/breaks a device.

    I’m pretty disappointed with this device. But look to the positive side of it…. It is finally released. If consumer wants any features, developers can address that issue.. we don’t have to beg any corporate giants for updates.

    As for T-Mobile issues, i can’t comment (am not from US). In Asia, android phones will be released unlocked i’m sure ….so no carrier issues for us.

    It can only get better from here. I’ll give this one skip & wait for a device (preferably HTC) that has a fully mature android on it.

  12. We should have seen this coming given that they (HTC) had said in May that Diamond was their most important device for the year… :(

    I didn’t like how T-Mobile has treated them. They didn’t even mention HTC’s name in invitation… Peter Chou was referred to as ‘…other company executive’… Not at all fair. HTC will definitely hit back with a killer android device (i hope they are excited about android) on rival networks… I know what HTC is capable of… it’s time they come out from carriers’ shadows!

  13. Yes, the accelerometer can be used to rotate the screen when the device is rotated but this has to be enabled by the application. Some apps will force portrait, some apps will force landscape, some apps will rotate the screen when the device is rotated. This is exactly the same on the iPhone i.e. not all apps rotate with the device.

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