AG Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-02-01

  • Crowdfunding Android Firmware Development? #
  • In Other News 2009-01-25 #
  • AG Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-01-25 #
  • Sprint letting go of 8,000 employees. OUCH. Something tells me there will be more to come in 2009. #
  • Imagine an Android phone like this for your house. Hackers, get to work! #
  • iPhone, Android Developers Flock to Flurry for Analytics (PRESS RELEASE) #
  • ShopSavvy interview on Omio. Check it out. Those guys have some really cool things lined up. #
  • is like a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup for Android phones. “Hey you got Twitter in my Imeem!” #
  • compares imeem and for Android. Find out which comes out on top… in their book. Who ya got?! #
  • Kogan Down, Not Out – New Agora and Android Netbook on the Way #
  • General Mobile’s Dual-Sim Handset to Debut at MWC #
  • New site for Digg-like articles on Android only articles. Find other news that might slide under our radar. #
  • There have been more jobs lost this week than the entire population of my home town. Trying to imagine that many folks jobless. In 1 week. #
  • Really digging this TED app. Check the Android Market and grab it for yourself. Audio and video, tons of content. #
  • Android Bootcamp is March 16th. Developers encouraged to go to ATL and learn from the best. Our own Mark Murphy! #
  • Take away pre-paid and G1 activations. How does T-Mobile‘s Q4 look overall? Of course, they aren’t losing nearly 1M a quarter like say… #
  • Ringo’s SMS alerts are really handy. Know who is texting without having to check. Get hooked on free version before commercial one arrives! #
  • T-Mobile Drops The Mother of All Bombshells – More G Series in ‘09! #
  • Here We Go Again – Dell Android Rumors Resurface #
  • GDrive inches that much closer. Which will happen officially first? New iPhone or GDrive announcement? #
  • ..loves when sites claiming to be “community” do nothing to help foster that. #
  • Projecting Android on the Big Screen #
  • is a great, in-depth read on how the G1 has worked out as Nick’s main phone since launch. Insightful and thorough. #
  • Is Intel getting things in motion for Android devices of their own? #
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