Airpush ad network continues to grow *cough* SPAM on the Android platform

Have you ever had one of those pesky “Star” advertisements in your notification drop down? Ever wondered where they come from? Well, it’s likely they came from an ad service known as Airpush. With over 100% increase from last quarter, they are becoming one of the leading application monetization solutions for Android developers.

I’m going to take this time to address an issue with the Airpush fiasco. I personally despise this type of service, essentially spamming its users with notifications that lead you to more spam. Thankfully there are several “airpush detector” type applications on the Android Market. We’ve covered the Lookout Ad Detector application in the past, and I would highly recommend it if you think your device has been compromised. It’s very easy to determine if some of your applications are using the service to spam you. One discovered, it’s suggested that you uninstall whatever applications are using Airpush and live happily ever after. Hit the link below to test your device.


[toggle title=”Click Here for Full Press Release”] LOS ANGELES, Feb. 28, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Airpush, the leading app monetization solution for Android developers, today announced it has recently surpassed last quarters numbers by over 100%. With over 60,000 developers Airpush is rapidly becoming the #1 monetization solution for Android application. With Global expansion and revenue growth over last quarter, Airpush is dominating the Android market and becoming the only Ad Network for Android app developers to work with.

The rapid growth and expansion can partially be attributed to the recently launched Fast Pay Program, and continued product innovation. In sustaining this growth Airpush is also planning to launch a major product and platform release that will create additional revenues in the market and provide developers with even more ways to create real business models.

Airpush’s new global expansion into international markets includes leading wireless markets in countries such as, China, UK, Germany, Korea, and Japan. Part of their global expansion includes adding to their international and strategic executive team so they can meet expansion efforts and needs of their global network, scale, and ever-increasing growth.

“Continuing to expand our ad network into international markets will allow Airpush to reach a wider market of app developers who are looking for more innovative ways to monetize their apps and create better content,” said Asher Delug, Founder and CEO or Airpush. “We are looking forward to moving more aggressively into the brand and agency markets, as part of our global expansion and are excited to bring together a team of industry experience to help us execute.”

Recently joining the Airpush team is Shawn Sires – VP of Strategic Partnerships at Airpush, who has an extensive background working with media, brands and entertainment companies to create truly unique mobile marketing strategies and campaigns.

Gabriel Tan will hold the position of Sales Director for APAC and will be responsible for integrating and commercializing Airpush products in the Asia Pacific markets.

Brian Kim has been hired as Sales Director for Korea where he will over-see all sales initiatives.

Sires, Tan, and Kim bring together a tremendous amount of industry experience, which will enable Airpush to execute their global expansion plan and continue to grow as a leading ad network.

About Airpush

Airpush is the leading application monetization solution for Android developers. Over 40,000 Android developers in over 150 countries are using Airpush’s next-generation ad formats to generate 10x – 30x higher returns compared to traditional in-app ad networks. Airpush allows mobile developers to significantly increase their advertising revenue and offers advertisers more effective campaigns. For more information visit, or follow us on Twitter @AirpushAds.

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