AlchemySnap: OCR & Photo Search for Android Handsets

alchemysnapWe just received a tip from the makers of a forthcoming app called AlchemySnap.  With not much more than a paragraph and a 2-minute video to go by, we’re already extremely excited about the prospects of this app.

The cameras on Android phones are being used for so much more than we’ve previously seen on other handsets.  First we have barcode scanning apps like CompareEverywhere and ShopSavvy.  Then comes SnapTell and stuff  like TorrentDroid.  What’s next?  Check the video below and find out.

Here’s the  description of the app we received:

If you’re reading a newspaper or magazine and “want to find out more”, you snap a photo of the page.  The photo is analyzed, pulling text from the image, then concepts are pulled from the text (keywords, persons, companies, etc.).  The Phone then shows detected concepts from your original photo, letting you retrieve Google, Wikipedia, and Twitter results related to whatever you photographed.

The app was just unveiled last night at the Boulder/Denver New Technology event and not surprisingly, it was received very well.  Can’t wait to see this show up in the Android Market in the coming weeks!

Thanks Elliot!