Alleged G2 Phone Less Clunky Than G1, Touch Only

If you stopped by any mobile tech sites yesterday, chances are that you came across an article regarding the leak of HTC’s 2009 lineup.  At first, we only noticed the bright pink Hero Android handset as being a rumored handset for Android later this year. After reading a few other sites over the night and early this morning, we’ve come to the conclusion that the true G2 is in there as well.

Back in early December TmoNews had an article about a handset with the code name “Sapphire which purported that T-Mobile was working on the follow up to the G1.  We can’t possibly keep up with all the code names and rumors, so in fact, did not even report on this.

We hit up TmoNews again this morning only to find ourselves waking up to a bit of “Told ya so.” They, like everyone else, saw the leaked HTC phones and were quick to point out that one of them was code-named Sapphire. Sometimes a coincidence is just that.  This is not a coincidence.

So, let’s look at this phone.  It has the chin, a trackball, and what looks like 5 buttons on the bottom. TmoNews thinks that the new button to the bottom left is for MyFaves and they could be right.  I hope not.  I use that so little with my phone that it would be a waste.  If it could be left blank and up to the user to decide, then I’m okay with it. It’s the home button after all.  The rectangular menu button has moved slightly left.

The phone looks a little more rounded off with a centered camera on the back.  We can’t be too certain, but from the looks of it, there is no 3.5mm headphone jack.  If this is the case, it will not be pleasing to the masses.

The biggest thing we can see in all of this is the omission of a slideout keyboard.  All of the other leaked handsets with keyboards are shown with them slid out so this leads us to believe that it is a touch only handset.  Will it make the phone thinner and less clunky?  We’d imagine it would, but we’ll wait for more.

You Tell Us

So let’s assume that as of right now this is the G2 from T-Mobile.  What do you think?  Is it improved?  Is it a step backwards, without the keyboard?  Leave a comment below with your thoughts.

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  1. Yay, another generic HTC device, how exciting…

    I am a big Android fan and just waiting for a handset to show up on my shores, but why, oh why do they all have too come from HTC. I am wondering, when has HTC ever made anything that was well rounded off, finished and desireable. I always think their devices look great on the spec sheet but a completely unsuitable for using every day. Either they suffer from a sub-par OS such as the Touch HD, or they leave out essentials, such as a 3.5mm headset connector. I still remain to see anything from this chinese factory that was genuinely exciting. My judgement may be a bit harsh but I believe there is a reason why they used to brand their mobile phones with other names then HTC.

    I need to see what Sony Ericsson, Motorola or Samsung can conjure up before I am completely sold on getting an actual Android Phone, otherwise I am getting a Palm Pre instead, given it can live up to the hype, at least it is desireable.

  2. This is more of what I want from an android phone. I have played with an iPhone, iPod touch and I thought the soft keyboard was just fine. IMO the android OS as much more potential than the iPhone OS does and as a medical professional the open source nature of the OS will allow apps that will be useful to me to make their way onto android quickly. The biggest problem right now is there is no sleek device that will attract the masses. If this is the G2, and if they put a flash card, removable battery and a headphone jack on there I think we will have a real winner.

    But as Jaspar said above I am waiting to see what the other companies bring to the game. I prefer verizon as my service provider, so I am really hoping something nice appears in their hands. I am also hoping that lenovo device makes it to the US.

  3. It looks as thick -or thicker- than the G1, even though it has no keyboard.
    No 3.5″ jack is puzzling.
    And as usual, the lower portion of this phone has way too much dead space.

    I may be getting serious about the switch over to the Perfect Palm Pre…. or a Tegra phone. More will be clearer after the MWC in Barcelona next month…

  4. i love my G1, and was planning to upgrade if/when a G2 came out but… if it hasnt got a keyboard, im not interested. i dont care WHAT new stuff they add, if they take out the KB, ill stick with the G1 until a newer android phone with a KB comes along.

  5. To me it looks thinner then the g1. If they could make the thing thin, then I am there. It would be nice to have a proper headphone jack, or at least an adapter that does not come as an extra long BULKY THICK wire. Seriously, take the g1 to the gym as an MP3 player and you have 8 feet of wire sprawling out around you with the most important section to bulky and thick to shove into your pocket.

    Everyone seems to think that stereo bluetooth will remedy this, but if you have looked at the stereo bluetooth options on the market right now, let me tell you they are VERY CLUNKY and expensive compared to a nice pair of ear buds.

  6. Blah. I don’t want a keyboard-less phone. I want a qwerty phone.

    It looks like they’re planning on the Memphis filling that role (2nd gen android qwerty phone). But it’s a 4 row qwerty instead of the G1’s 5 rows. Meanwhile, the other side-slide qwerty phones they’re coming out with (jasper, barium, rhodium, tungsten) are all 5 row … but for WinMo.

    Please, give us a 5 row Memphis, or give us one of the other, 5 row qwerty, phones for Android. Don’t just stick us with the disappointing Sapphire, and the absolutely ugly Hero.

  7. You’re kidding, right? The fifth button on the bottom is the home button. It’s the exact same five buttons that are on the G1!

    The top row, from left to right, is Call, Menu, Back, and End. These are the same five buttons we’ve always had, there are no new buttons here! How can two separate sites not notice that we’ve always had five buttons?

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