10 Ultimate smartphone tech bundles you could get instead of the $800 Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

Yeah, there is always that one guy who dissents from the crowd, and that guy is me. I know, I’m annoying.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 edge has way too much hype around it. There are way too many reviewers who have given their stamp of approval with a full review in a matter of days. Their recommendation could lead you to make a bad decision that you are stuck with for two years since the cost of the S7 edge costs $800.



Rather than harp on what I think is wrong with the S7 edge, I have decided to offer you alternative tech packages that you might want to consider. Spend $800 if you want, it isn’t my money. But if you’re going to spend it, think about how much you could get if you got a different smartphone.

Here is what $800 in cash money can get you.


The Ultimate Pure Android experience


Google Pixel C tablet – $499.99

Google Nexus 5X from Amazon.com – $299.99

For almost exactly the same price as the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge you could get the latest Nexus 5X and the Google Pixel C tablet, both of which run Android Marshmallow. They also will get the fastest software and security updates for devices that run Android. The Pixel C is a powerhouse tablet that runs the ultra powerful Tegra X1 processor, and comes with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of memory. It’s also one of the best built tablets as it comes in a full aluminum case.

The Nexus 5X is the underdog of 2015. Put specs aside and this phone is blazing fast due to the clean and unadulterated version of Android. Like good cameras? The 5X has the same camera that is raved about on the Nexus 6P, and is one of the best shooters you can get your hands on. And it is also small enough to use one handed. The combination of the two will set you back for the cost of the S7 edge.

LG’S best flagship, LG V10 in combination with the NVIDIA SHIELD


LG V10 from B&H Photo – $599.99

NVIDIA SHIELD from Amazon.com – $199.99

Still demand the best of the best? The LG V10 is loaded to the max with specs. It comes with 64GB base memory, the Snapdragon 808, dual displays, an ultra durable build rated for four foot drops, a replaceable battery, and a high end audio processor for extreme sound. It is just a few months old and is LG’s latest flagship you can get right now.

The most underrated tablet, most likely due to a small marketing budget, is the NVIDIA SHIELD 8 K-1. This tablet has a gorgeous 8″ display, runs Android 6.0 Marshmallow, and is designed for gamers. Not word game gamers like me, but actual gamers who can connect this tablet to their PCs to play their favorites with a wireless controller.

The best of the best smartphone Nexus 6P, a Chromecast, and the best Huawei Watch (Android Wear)


Nexus 6p on sale at Amazon.com – $449.00

Google Chromecast at Best Buy – $35.00

Huawei Watch Android Wear at Amazon.com – $328.44

Go look around at reviews of the Nexus 6P. You will find that it is probably the best Android device you can get right now. It runs pure Android 6.0 Marshmallow, comes with 32GB of memory, a gorgeous 5.7″ QHD AMOLED display, and a beautiful all metal build. Like the Nexus 5X it will also get the latest updates and security patches from Google faster than any other devices on the market.

Huawei WatchWe still have about $350 to spend from our $800 budget. Let’s take that excess money and get the sapphire covered Huawei Watch that runs the latest software which recently enabled the built-in speaker for voice calls. It’s luxurious, and has a two-day battery life span. It can be used to see notifications, track steps as a pedometer, and is even compatible with iOS. It’s OLED full round display is stunning.

Since there is a little bit of money left over, let’s just throw in a Chromecast so you can stream video or music to your television.

Track your steps, check the time, stream video, and enjoy the best Android smartphone in place of the Samsung S7 edge.

The ultimate health package


Nexus 5X at Amazon.com – $299.99

Jaybird Reign Fitness Band at Amazon.com – $107.80 

QardioBase smart scale at Amazon.com – $140.66

QardioArm Blood Pressure Monitor – $91.99

Jaybird X2 Wireless Headphones at Amazon.com – $124.89

Have you been trying to get your health in tip top shape? For $800, you can get the ultimate health care package. Monitor your weight, fat percentage, water weight, and blood pressure with the latest from Qardio. There was initially some build issues with the QardioBase smart scale, but a redesign has fixed some of the issues early users experienced.

High blood pressure is a silent killer. Don’t take my word for it, instead read about it at the CDC. The QardioArm might be the best $92 you ever spend if it can help you prevent a stroke or a heart attack. Even if you don’t care about the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, or anything else I wrote about above, strongly consider this item. Your loved ones will appreciate it.

Go for a run with Jaybird’s X2 wireless headphones which are on sale right now for just $125. They’re some of the best earbuds you can get right now, and use them to get in shape while you listen to music.

And finally, monitor your fitness activities, sleep patterns and recovery with the Jaybird Reign Fitness Band for just $140.66. It’s one of the most advanced fitness bands on the market.

This entire kit comes in at $766, or $34 less than the $800 S7 edge. Go ahead and throw in the Google Chromecast for $35 if you need to get over the hump and spend that entire $800.

Get the incredibly built Huawei GX8 and the Sonos Play:5 for an incredible music experience


Huawei GX8 unlocked smartphone at Amazon.com – $299.99

Sonos Play:5 at Amazon.com – $498.99

Huawei is one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world for a reason – they make incredible phones at reasonable prices. The GX8 is a phone I am currently testing for a full review due next month, and so far it is nothing short of impressive. It comes fully unlocked for use on networks such as AT&T and T-Mobile.

  • Snapdragon 616 64-bit processor
  • 2GB RAM, 16GB memory expandable via microSD
  • 1080p Full HD 2.5D glass display
  • Metal build
  • Ultra fast finger print reader similar to what is used on the Nexus 6P

In combination with the Huawei GX8, you can also pick up one of the best wireless streaming speakers on the market today: the SONOS Play:5. It isn’t cheap at $498.99 but it sounds INCREDIBLE. Six drivers give the SONOS Play:5 speaker a wide sound stage, great balance with deep lows, balanced mids, and perfect highs. I have the white version sitting on my desk and listen to it every night while I write for AndroidGuys.com. It’s hands down one of my favorite speakers, and there are 135 reviews on Amazon.com with an average of 4.5/5 stars.

The complete tech package for people on the go


Nuu Mobile X4 at Amazon.com – $169.99

Scosche Boombottle waterproof Bluetooth speaker at Amazon.com – $169.00

NVIDIA SHIELD K-1 at Amazon.com – $199.99

MEE audio X7 Plus Stereo Bluetooth Wireless Sports In-Ear HD Headphones – $99.99

Enerplex Jumper Slate 5k portable battery – $55.02

Donation to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals – $100

Nuu Mobile makes some killer unlocked phones that work on GSM networks like AT&T and T-Mobile. The X4 is a gorgeous device with curves that feel incredible to hold. Specs are nothing to write home about with the X4 but in my six weeks with it I love it. It’s one of those eye openers that everyone should experience. Phones don’t need to cost $800 for a full experience, and the X4 is snappy, gorgeous, easy to hold and runs Android for just $170.

Since we started off with such a low priced smartphone, we can get the waterproof Scosche Boombottle Bluetooth speaker, NVIDIA SHIELD K-1 Android tablet, and Mee Audio X-7 wireless headphones. Mee Audio is the king of budget audio and created a stellar headset with the X-7s. You can read about them on Amazon.com reviews where the listeners adore them.

And you can keep everything powered with the ultra slim Enerplex Jumper Slate 5k battery. It has a microUSB cable built right into it making for a very convient power source. And since you’ve spoiled yourself with all of this stuff, how about dropping a Benjamin off at the ASPCA. Save a dog or cat from abuse and do some good today. As cool as gadgets are, nothing is more gratifying than doing something nice for someone or something else. If I wasn’t working on neurological diseases as a chemist, I would most likely would have been a veterinarian as I adore animals.

If you don’t like animals consider giving that extra $100 to the homeless or abused women.

Get you and your family brand new phones for the price of a Galaxy S7 edge


Huawei GX8 – $299.99

Huawei 5X – $199.99

Nuu Mobile X4 – $169.99

Blu Studio Vivo XL – $109.99

Go to Amazon.com and read the reviews for all four of these phones. People love them. Actual people, and not reviewers who feed you full reviews after spending a week with the S7 edge and offer their full recommendation.

You can get four phones for the price of entry with the S7 edge. Are the edges really that cool when you can get a whole family of phones for less than $800? Huawei, Blu, and Nuu Mobile are all great Android phone makers and you should give them consideration when you consider how you want to spend your money.


Get an iPad Pro and keep your working smartphone


iPad Pro at Amazon.com – $734.95

There’s a good chance you think I’m on drugs right now recommending an Apple product on an Android website. I’m not on drugs, but I do know a good thing when I see it. The iPad Pro is one of the best tablets on the market now. It costs less than a Galaxy S7 edge and can be added to your collection of devices if you just hang onto your current working smartphone.

Apple might sell expensive devices, but so does Samsung. With an ultra smooth software experience, a gorgeous 12.9″ display and four incredible speakers, the iPad Pro is the tablet to beat if price is no consideration.

Get a 4k LG TV with a budget Blu smartphone


LG Electronics 49UF6700 49-Inch 4K Ultra HD LED TV – $699.99

BLU Studio XL – $109.97

American’s average 5.5 hours watching some sort of video each day. If you watch that much video you might as well watch it on a 4k large display TV. 5.5 hours is probably more time than you spend on your smartphone so put that money towards what you use more.

LG makes great TV’s and Blu makes great budget smartphones so why not pair the two up in place of getting an S7 edge.

If you’re going to spend $800 consider your options

So while I might be all over Samsung for charging so much for its latest flagship, I’m one who actually purchased it. But I purchased it because I think it gives me a more honest experience with the phone than the reviewers who get it for free. It drives me a little nutty when I see reviewers rave about the S7 edge without giving real consideration to you, the readers, and how their writing affects your decisions. $800 is a heck of a lot of money to drop on one device. As you have read above, $800 can get you a whole lot of tech if you spend it wisely.

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