Something very interesting popped up over at the forums earlier today.  It could mean Amazon is swinging for the fences in terms of their involvement in Android, or it could mean very little.  The post refers to an email that a developer received regarding an “exciting opportunity within the mobile content space.”  The email went on to say that if the developer wanted any more information, they would have to sign and return a nondisclosure agreement to Amazon.

Now nondisclosure agreements are distributed by companies all the time and they need not be for something epic.  But we have a feeling that Amazon is developing their own Android app store.  As our own Chuck Falzone has pointed out in this recent article, is it unreasonable for the Android community to think that Amazon might release an app store for Android?  I have no problem believing in the possibility for all of the same reasons that Chuck points to in his article.  Some additional points were made in the forum insisting that a little competition from a big name like Amazon would possibly “force” Google to clean up their act a little regarding the Market’s organization and overall user experience.

We all would like to see more from the current Android Market, and I especially call out us power users that have come to expect more from Google.  Is an Amazon app store the wake up call that Google needs to put more improvements in place? Maybe Amazon, in its current form, might just be better suited to execute an app store more eloquently.

We will keep you posted about these developer emails and whether they shed any light on what Amazon has in store for the Android community.

What do you guys think? Does Amazon need some devs to update the Kindle app, or do they need some to help them become a “gamechanger”?

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  1. While I think that Amazon might be one of the more interesting companies that could have an app store, I’m kind of tired of all these different app stores popping up all over the place. Personally though, I would love an amazon style app store, with recommendations and wish lists, gold box deals and one click.

    I think having Amazon VOD would also be great on my phone, and I think we’ll see stuff like that before we see an amazon app store.

  2. I think that’s probably a good idea. I already order lots of stuff from Amazon all the time, so it’d be a small jump from there to apps. I have yet to even log my credit card into the Android Market — it’s just enough of a barrier such that I’m content to stick with the free apps only.

  3. This would actually be a pretty good move by amazon.
    They got the Cloud technology to do this and they could become the middle-man between carriers and end-users just like they do with books.
    Offering an inventory and shipping the apps but leaving the frontend to the carriers.
    This is actualy something that Android needs badly to unify market and still have choice.

  4. I think competition would be great. The Goggle Market is in dire need of a redesign such as filters, sorting by terms, and cleaning up the trash and SPAM apps where developers put up the same app with different names over and over again and allowing SPAM in the remarks for apps.

    Maybe competition would drive them to institute some of these changes?

  5. All I can say is that I got the mail this morning. Can’t say more since I signed the agreement but this (developers getting emails from Amazon) is definitely is not a rumor

    • @Bo I received one of these today as well. However, the business name was wrong on the form letter. Is there a way to confirm if this email to us is legitimate? Do they respond to the email address it was sent from?

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