Amazon Appstore catching up to Android Market in more ways than one

For the majority of users, the Android Market is the place to go for apps, games, and books. The Amazon Appstore is one third-party app market that is actually holding its own against Google’s app market. According to a downloadable report by Distimo, the numbers indicate that the Amazon Appstore is rapidly growing, and it may be only a matter of time before it’s on a level playing field with the Market. Here are some of the notable observations:

  • In terms of growth, the Amazon Appstore’s download numbers increased fourteen-fold between October and December of 2011. This is probably due to the Kindle Fire, which exclusively uses the Appstore.
  • In the last week of January 2012, 110 applications in both the Android Market and Amazon Appstore earned at least $200 per app, per day. 28% of the total income generated by these apps came from the Amazon Appstore. 42 of these apps generated more income in the Appstore than in the Market.
  • While the Market has about fourteen times as many apps as the Appstore, new apps in December and January prove that Amazon is catching up, as there were only five times as many new apps in the Market.
  • Paid applications in the Market make up about 32-38% of the total number of apps, while paid apps in the Appstore hold a strong 65% majority. Furthermore, the average price of paid applications in the Appstore is 40% less than the price in the Market. This is linked to Amazon setting their own prices in the Appstore, and giving discounts on some apps.

So, thanks to some help by the Kindle Fire, Amazon is looking at a solid increase in size and user count. If things continue at this rate, the Appstore could be fairly close to the Market by this time next year. It’s interesting that based on the study, developers are beginning to lean more towards the Appstore, perhaps because there aren’t as many restrictions as the Market. One can only imagine what kind of impact the Kindle Fire successor we’ve been hearing about will have on the Amazon Appstore. More on this as it develops.

So now that we have an idea of where Amazon and Google stand in the app world, we want to know: which do you prefer, the Appstore or the Market? Sound off in the comments below!

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