Til Morning's Light

On May 21st, Amazon Game Studios and WayForward Technologies released their latest game: Til Morning’s Light. WayForward is known for series such as Shantae and DuckTales Remastered. 

The third-person, action-adventure game revolves around Erica (voiced by Stephanie Sheh (Sailor Moon)), a teenager who has to escape a haunted mansion through solving puzzles, defeating monsters, and exploring.

In addition, the game comes with a free bonus, an audio prequel from Audible.com known as “The Private Blog of Erica Page.”

Til Morning’s Light is available for Fire devices and iOS devices.

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  1. Be careful with Til Morning’s Light for the iPad. The game really ratchets up the difficulty at the end of chapter 1, when you have to fight the game’s first big boss, Victor. The timing for all the swiping and the dragging becomes nearly impossible, unless you are obsessive enough to think that you absolutely must complete this section in order to progress in the game. I figure a lot of gamers will give up after about 25 attempts at this point in the game, like I did, and just delete the game from their iPad. Even with available written walkthroughs and video guides to what to do here and how to do it, the tediousness of this part is just overwhelming. Way, way out of proportion to the other relatively less complex and less difficult parts of the game. It’s as if the developer handed off this part of the game to another game studio team to design, because this part just does not fit into the game’s level of fun and less complex pad swiping that leads up to this extremely annoying and irritating point in the game. Oh well, at least I wasn’t out all that much money.

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