Amazon Kindle app update adds professional narration to existing books

So you’ve got yourself a number of books that you’re reading at home and/or at work on lunch break. The problem, as you see it, is that you’d like to listen to these book in the car or on the train while you heading to and from home. Amazon has your back and has today announced a new feature which adds professional narration to 45,000+ books. Yep, it blends Amazon’s Kindle library with their Audible selection.

Called Matchmaker, it’s a service that lets readers switch instantly between reading Kindle book (where applicable) and listening to the companion audiobook from Audible. And, thanks to the Whispersync for Voice capability, it ensures you don’t lose your place when making the jump to or from audio.

Professional narration is available for more than 45,000 Kindle books and growing. Audio upgrades are available for as little as $0.99, with upgrades to bestsellers like the Outlander series and The Hunger Games series available for as little as $3.99.

Head to Google Play Store or Amazon Appstore today and you’ll find the update awaiting you. Actually, the latest version of the Android app brings about a number of handy changes.

  • Switch between reading and listening when you add audio to a Kindle book
  • Jump directly to previous locations from the progress bar
  • Copy a word or phrase, paste into another program
  • Multi-color highlights
  • Improved notifications
  • Improved cross-device sync

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