Amazon’s Android App Store Update (try saying that fast 5 times)

TechCrunch is reporting today that they have gotten some new info on the upcoming Amazon Android App market. It looks like the developer portal for Amazon has been opened, and the article talks about some new details on how Amazon is going to sell apps.  Check out the full article linked above for the full skinny, here are the highlights:

  • Amazon is going to market to everyone, even those devices that don’t have the Android Market on them (unless you use an AT&T crippled device).
  • Amazon is going to use it’s recommendations technology to push apps.
  • Unlike the Android Market, there will be an approval process to get your app on Amazon.  Takes about 1 week as of right now.
  • No word on launch date, is open to devs only right now.
  • Pricing for apps is going to be a bit funky.  See after the break.

The biggest item that is going to raise eyebrows is how Amazon plans on setting prices for individual apps.  According to the article, devs are going to be allowed to submit what they think the market price of their app is.  From there, Amazon will take that into consideration along with other factors, and actually set what the price is going to be.  Devs will get 70% of this amount, with Amazon of course taking the other 30% from the sale.  Now, if they decide your app should be free rather than paid, then you would still get paid, but only 20% of what you thought the app would be worth.

This is an interesting pricing scheme, one that I think could be a recipe for disaster, but not for Amazon but the devs involved.  It will be interesting to see it in action and if it really makes an impact with devs.