If you’re interested in photo editing, even on the most basic scale, and you own a Honeycomb tablet, you owe it to yourself to check out Adobe Photoshop Touch, or “PS Touch” if you’re searching the Android Market.

The app is only $9.99, a steal compared to it’s $699 (CS5) or $999 (CS5 Extended) PC big brothers. It’s a good compliment to those, if you happen to already have a copy, but it’s also a great value alone. I’ve been using it almost daily for about 2 weeks and so far the only real drawback I can see is that you’re limited to a 1200 x 1200 size image. It will scale the photo down for you without you ever having to worry about it, which in most cases is probably fine, especially if you’re just an artist having fun. But, I could see users having problems in certain professional scenarios.


Before I dive into the actual features, I must say that coming from using desktop photo editing software, the BIGGEST advantage has to be that I can grab my stylus and manipulate the image with it instead of an imprecise mouse, an untrustworthy touchpad, or even a digitizer.
I can’t cover ALL the features, because.. Well, because that would be long, and frankly, quite boring. So here’s a little about the best tools this app offers.

Let’s start with Scribble Select. This tool allows you two brushes: one called “keep,” the other “remove”


Just draw roughly inside the lines of the object you want to keep.


With the remove tool, draw roughly around the object you want to keep.

After using these tools, you’re left with something along these lines

Sometimes it takes a bit of tweaking. The simpler the background the better.

But wait! I don’t have a background. Luckily, what I do have is an integrated Google image search that not only allows me to drag the image right out of the results and into my project, but I can also search by color and by copyright availability. So let’s find something awful to put behind me.

Megatron, the perfect background

After inserting my background and using some classic tools like clone stamping and healing brush to edit my hero out of the picture, and finally, sliding the background layer behind the picture, I’ll go ahead and extract myself from my initial layer.

Extracting myself gets rid of all the background I elected to remove during slide 2, leaving only myself and the scary tech monster.

The whole process took me about 3 minutes, including the steps you didn’t see and the three tries to get a flattering picture of myself.

Those, in my opinion, are the best and most useful tools. Other things to note include: access to the Adobe Creative Cloud, which allows you to upload a project wirelessly from PC to tablet, or vice versa. The Creative Cloud also seems to be the only way to transfer projects between the different apps in the adobe Creative Suite, even though they may be installed on the same device.

The app comes with some pretty useful tutorials, and an array of different filters and effects to apply to your selections. The color palette doubles as an eyedropper-style color selection tool if you just drag your finger off the palette to anywhere else on the screen. All of your favorite basic photo editing tools are there, like brightness, contrast, saturation, etc.

So whether you’re a pro on the go, or just an artist looking to have some fun, I highly recommend picking up PS Touch for your Android tablet. You can do so by using the box below, which will take you to the Android Market.



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