Effective immediately, developers have been given access to the Android 1.1 SDK. According to the official Android Developers Blog, this recent release see few “minor, but useful” changes.

There are a few API’s changes available for development including:

  • Adds annotations for test systems, no actual (non-test) API changes.
  • Adds a method to allow a process to easily determine its UID.
  • Adds support for marquee in layouts.
  • Adds new methods for determining padding in views. Useful if you are writing your own subclasses of View.
  • Adds new permissions that allow an application to broadcast an SMS or WAP Push message.
  • API cleanup: removes protected constructor from SDK-bound system images.

Read more at the Android Developers Blog!

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  1. So no Widget SDK support, and no OpenGL support yet? It’s moving a bit too slow at Mountain view. The pest thing about Android is the “possibilities”. And the best possibility was Homescreen widgets.

    Now in 1 week Nokia’s N97 will have homescreen widgets before (or long before) Android.

  2. From the platform side, this was a small update mostly to support localization. You can look at the Cupcake open-source code to see the main work that is being done in the platform, most of which was done in parallel with 1.1 since the time frame for 1.1 to be feature complete didn’t provide for many platform changes to be made.

    And hardware accelerated OpenGL has been there since the start, so I’m not sure what you are talking about.

  3. Most OpenGL features and Widget-development are NOT supported by the SDK. Not talking about the hardware here.

    Also cupcake won’t have anything to do with the SDK… unfortunately. I really wanted that widget SDK.

  4. “Also cupcake won’t have anything to do with the SDK”

    What in the world are you talking about? Of course there will be a new SDK with Cupcake, there are a bunch of new features such as the soft keyboard that include APIs.

  5. You cannot be disappointed about the lack of APIs to create Home widgets since we never announced such a thing. It’s not on the roadmap, there’s no ETA, nothing, etc.

  6. To: Romain Guy

    You don’t find the inability to create home-page widgets to be huge hindrance?

    To be honest, had I known I’d have to keep opening up applications over and over, I would have simply gone to windows mobile. Their OS might not be the fastest thing on the planet, but at least I have a home page that gives me all the information I seek.

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