Android 2.1 Voice Input Feature is “Experimental”, Requires Data Connection

We were digging through the user guide for the Nexus One and came across something that we hadn’t seen reported elsewhere.  You know that nifty little feature that comes with Android 2.1 where you can speak instead of typing?  Pretty cool, right?  Did you know that in order to use it, you need a data connection available?  Neither did we. Now to be fair, this probably doesn’t affect too many people as 3G and EDGE networks practically blanket the country.  There are however going to be holes and instances where this feature won’t work.  Google does bill the feature as “experimental” so we can’t really complain.  We’re surprised it doesn’t say “beta” anywhere near the  feature.  All kidding aside, maybe a little more upfronted-ness would have been nice.

You might ask yourself what is the benefit of having it work this way?  Well, since it’s being given back to the cloud, the algorithms and special formulas being used can get constant updates without pushing out incremental releases of Android.  It’s probably tied to the same system that that helps transcribe your voice mails in Google Voice and help you with GOOG-411 calls.  Kinda smart if you ask us.

Anyone else have a chance to look through the guide?  Find anything else cool?  Hit us up in the comments.

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