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While everyone is just getting used to Cupcake (Android 1.5), the team behind The Weather Channel app is already working with the Android 2.0 SDK.

In today’s Q&A interview with Traci of The Weather Channel, I learned that the time frame for their next app update is slated for late summer.   This update, as she points out around 12:30 into the podcast, is built around Android 2.0.  As everyone knows, a 2.0 app will not run on a 1.5 platform.  So does that mean Android 2.0 is due sooner rather than later?  Probably!

While she admitted that she wasn’t necessarily the best person to speak on the deep development stuff, I got the sense that she had a good grasp on what is going on around the lab.  I came back with a follow up question around 21:00 minutes in to see if she could shed more light.

Traci said that she can definitely say that the development process for 2.0 has been much smoother and the platform is more stable.  Based on what she has witnessed, she said that the overall, Android has been greatly improved.  Her observation is that Android really lets their developer team use their creativity and stretch out.

If you haven’t downloaded the app yet, go grab it out of the Android Market!  Thanks again to The Weather Channel and Traci for spending some time with us today.  Further, thanks for throwing us fanboys into a tizzy!

By the way, if you haven’t subscribed to the podcasts, you definitely need to do so.  Because we rock.

UPDATE:  We received an email from a Google representative who handles Android communication who passed this along to us…

… The Weather Channel’s 2.0 app will be available later in the summer, but it is not dependent on the Android 2.0 platform. – Edited email

So there you have it – Whatever it is that is coming from The Weather Channel might be 2.0 for them and based around Android’s most recent SDK, but it does not rely on Android 2.0!

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