Android 3.0 Gives Andy Some Screen Time!

I would say, with little doubt, that one of the coolest things about being in android fan boy is our mascot. We love our little green dot, we really do. With throw him on T-shirts, cover everything we own in decals, fill shelves with his action figures, and some of us cuddle up to her big green plushies before going to bed.

Let’s not forget the Android Beanies, the cute and colorful hats seen on everyone from newborns to senior citizens, and from the penniless blogger all the way to Samsung’s PR Director Kim Titus and Bruce Jones, formerly of GetJar. The Android community has successfully turned a simple image of a simple 2-D robot and turned him into a household icon (for nerdy households anyway). In fact the one place that Andy is not often seen, for reasons unknown to us, is on our phones. sure if you are a modder you can usually catch Andy riding a skateboard, and Sprint does a pretty good job of putting in the ads, but that’s about it. Fortunately it seems like someone up in Mountain View has noticed his fame and decided to include him a little more in android 3.0!

These shots come from the first steps when setting up a Motorola Xoom. Andy doesn’t just help you get started, either. There are 2 stock wallpapers that include our favorite green bot as well. I have no doubt that these wireframe Andy shots will generate a whole new line of shirts and various other goodies, and while we didn’t know it back then it has already made its way into the action figure line. It’s always cool to see Google giving us more things to play with!

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