android 5 lollipop
Android 5.0 has been named Lollipop

Wednesday was a big day in the Android world, as Google announced the biggest update to Android ever: Android 5.0 Lollipop.

While this is great news for Android enthusiasts, the bad news is this update still has to go through all the phone manufacturers, and even then the carriers before it gets to the user. While this can make one groan, the bright side is we seem to be in a time where more manufacturers realize the importance of timely updates.

We have this page that we will update whenever we get news of an update schedule from manufacturers. This is quite the task with as many manufacturers and then carriers there are, but we will do our best to be timely.

What I can tell you (at least about the major manufacturers) is this: Motorola is easily the quickest (except for Google, naturally) with updates, as last year’s Moto X got KitKat within weeks of its release. HTC has not had a great track record, but in June they announced they will bring Android Lollipop to all their HTC One (M8) and HTC One (M7) within 90 days of receiving the software from Google. Samsung, LG, and Sony all are very obscure and do not communicate regarding their updates. (Update: I have been proven wrong by Sony… See below for details.)

Without further ado, here are all the newest details regarding Android 5.0 Lollipop upgrade:

Google announced yesterday along with the announcement of Android Lollipop and the Nexus 6, Nexus 9, and Nexus Player that the Nexus 4, 5, 7, 10, and Google Play Edition devices would be getting the upgrade “in the coming weeks”. Their announcement is here. AndroidAuthority seems to have received a tip that the Nexus 7 (Wi-Fi) and Nexus 10 will get the update OTA November 3, followed by the Nexus 4, 5 and Nexus 7 (LTE). We can’t say for sure how much faith to put into this, but here’s to hoping!

Below is what is confirmed by Google (excluding the Nexus 6, Nexus 9, and Nexus Player, as those will be released with Android Lollipop):

  • Nexus 4
  • Nexus 5
  • Nexus 7 (2012)
  • Nexus 7 (2013, Wi-Fi)
  • Nexus 7 (2013, LTE)
  • Nexus 10
  • Google Play Edition devices

We will update as soon as we have dates for these devices.

Motorola announced not long after Google that they will be updating many of their devices released in the past year (and even past). We reported on this yesterday, but here is the link to their blog announcement here, and the page they will update with all update info hereUpdate: The Moto X (2nd Gen) has started to receive Lollipop, but for a limited “soak test”. However, this does mean that all other Moto X (2nd Gen) users should see the upgrade very soon if there are no problems with the “soak test”. Update 2: The Moto G (2nd Gen) seems to be getting Lollipop now! Users can check for updates to see if their phone has the update. While the Moto X (2nd Gen) was the first device to soak test, and LG G3 was the first with a mass rollout in Poland, the Moto G (2nd Gen) appears to be the first device to receive the update in the U.S. Update 3: Soon after receiving reports of users getting the update on their Moto G, Motorola announced on their blog that they are rolling out Lollipop to the Moto X (2nd Gen) Pure Edition, and Moto G (2nd Gen), both the US GSM and Global GSM (those sold in the US).

Below is what is confirmed by Motorola, with time of upgrade:

  • Moto X (1st Gen)
  • Moto X (2nd Gen) – rolling out now! (Pure Edition)
  • Moto G (1st Gen)
  • Moto G (2nd Gen) – rolling out now! (US GSM & Global GSM sold in US)
  • Moto G with 4G LTE
  • Moto E
  • Droid Turbo
  • Droid Ultra
  • Droid Maxx
  • Droid Mini

We will update as soon as we have dates for more of these devices.

HTC has announced that they will follow-up on their promise, and that their last two flagships will get the update within 90 days of receiving final software from Google. After that, the update will reach “other One family members and select devices”. Here is their update page here. Update: It seems this site says it has some updated information on specific device time frames. We will put them below, but take this with a grain of salt as this is subject to change. Update 2: HTC has tweeted on both its US and Canada Twitter pages that we can officially start the 90-day countdown for the HTC One (M8) and HTC One (M7). This puts the update sometime at the beginning of February as we thought. HTC said the update for other devices will be announced soon.

Below is what is confirmed by HTC, with our estimated time of upgrade:

  • HTC One (M8) – (ETA) January-February (within 90-day guarantee)
  • HTC One (M7) – (ETA) January-February (within 90-day guarantee)
  • HTC One (M8) GPE – (ETA) late November-December
  • HTC One (M7) GPE – (ETA) late November-December
  • HTC Desire EYE – (ETA) January-March
  • HTC One (M8) Dual SIM – (ETA) January-March
  • HTC One (M7) Dual SIM – (ETA) January-March
  • HTC One (E8) – (ETA) January-March
  • HTC One (E8) Dual SIM – (ETA) January-March
  • HTC Butterfly 2 – (ETA) January-March
  • HTC One Mini 2 – (ETA) March-April
  • HTC Desire 816 – (ETA) March-April
  • HTC One Max – (ETA) March-May
  • HTC One Mini – (ETA) March-May
  • HTC Butterfly S – (ETA) March-May
  • Other One family members – (ETA) sometime 2015
  • Select devices – (ETA) sometime 2015

We will update as soon as we have dates for these devices.

Sony has evidently announced their upgrade plans for their devices, and their actually updating a lot! No exact details on timing, except that Google Play Edition devices will get it first, followed by the “core Xperia Z3 and Xperia Z2 series” and then “continuing thereafter for all remaining devices”. Their announcement is hereUpdate: Sony has uploaded a teaser video on their Facebook page saying select Xperia Z devices will get Lollipop early 2015. This likely just means the newer Xperia Z devices will get it earlier, and the rest they already announced will get it later.

Below is what is confirmed by Sony, with our estimated time of upgrade:

  • Xperia Z
  • Xperia ZL
  • Xperia ZR
  • Xperia Tablet Z
  • Xperia Z1
  • Xperia Z1S
  • Xperia Z Ultra
  • Xperia Z1 Compact
  • Xperia Z2 – beginning of 2015
  • Xperia Z2 Tablet – beginning of 2015
  • Xperia Z3 – beginning of 2015
  • Xperia Z3v – beginning of 2015
  • Xperia Z3 Compact – beginning of 2015
  • Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact – beginning of 2015
  • Sony Z Ultra GPE – first before any of the others; possibly before end of 2014
  • Any other devices in the premium Z series

We will update as soon as we have dates for these devices.

OnePlus has previously announced in their forums (pointed out by one of our readers, thank you!) that they will update their OnePlus One within 90 days of receiving the final release from Google, much like HTC.

So, it is confirmed by OnePlus that the OnePlus One will be upgraded within 90 days, but since they do not have to go through any carriers, it may even come sometime in November.

We will update as soon as we have a date for the OnePlus One.

NVIDIA announced on Twitter that the Shield tablet will be getting Android Lollipop update. They gave no details as to timing, however I can tell you from personal experience on my NVIDIA Tegra Note that I always receive updates very quickly from them. Update: NVIDIA has posted a YouTube video showing Lollipop off on the Shield tablet, and also mentions that you’ll see the update sometime in November, making it one of the first tablets to receive the update.

The NVIDIA Shield tablet is confirmed by NVIDIA to get the update sometime in November.

We will update as soon as we have a date for the NVIDIA Shield Tablet.

LG has told TechRadar that they have no update “on if / when Android Lollipop will be coming to the LG G3.” That’s not very encouraging, but TechRadar notes (and I’d agree) that it would be surprising if the latest flagship from LG didn’t get the update. Update: Evidently a site called TechTastic spoke to a LG representative of the Netherlands and Belgium, who said that the LG G3 will get Android Lollipop before the end of 2014. There were no other specifics, though. (SourceUpdate 2: We finally have some word from LG officially, as on their official German Facebook page they confirmed that the LG G3 will get Lollipop before the end of the year, with the LG G2 to follow shortly after. We can’t speak on how quickly carriers will get the update out, but it’s reassuring that the update from LG will come out quickly. Update 3: LG has been busy, as they announced over the weekend that upgrades to the LG G3 will start rolling out this week in Poland. No details about other countries at this time, but they say that more details will follow soon. So while they are only starting with one country, LG is officially the first to disperse upgrades to Lollipop in a broad manner. (Note: While the Moto X (2nd Gen) has already been receiving the upgrade, it is just a “soak test”, not a broad release)

Below is what is currently confirmed to be updated with our estimated time of upgrade:

  • LG G3 – before the end of 2014
  • LG G2 – sometime in January-February

We will update as soon as we have more information from LG.

Samsung is not one to be communicative about updates as I mentioned above. So in the meantime we must rely on rumors and speculation. SamMobile says they have a source who says that the Samsung Galaxy S5 will get Android Lollipop sometime in December 2014, but wouldn’t share any other details. They also mention that this is when the update will be ready, not necessarily when it will roll out to all regions, which could take time. Samsung also tweeted this past week a picture of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, mentioning the display, with a picture of lollipops in the background. This by no means is any confirmation, but it could be a tease from Samsung that Android Lollipop is coming. We also would be surprised if Android Lollipop didn’t come to its newest flagship device. Update: SamMobile yet again has picked up some information from their sources, claiming to confirm that the Galaxy S4 will get Android Lollipop. Starting with the GT-I9500 variant in early 2015, then others to follow slowly after that.

Below is what is currently speculated to be updated with out estimated time of upgrade:

  • Samsung Galaxy S5 – sometime in December 2014
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 – sometime early 2015
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4

We will update as soon as we have more information from Samsung.

ASUS has been quiet mostly regarding updates, and is not usually one to be quick about them. However, they are seeking to at least give us some word on when we can see an update, and while it’s not as soon as other manufacturers above, at least we have word. Here is the announcement on their forum (I recommend you have Google Translate ready): ASUS ZenTalk.

Below is what is confirmed to be updated with the official upgrade timeline:

  • ZenFone 4 – April, 2015
  • ZenFone 5 – April, 2015
  • ZenFone 5 LTE – April, 2015
  • ZenFone 6 – April, 2015
  • PadFone S – April, 2015
  • new PadFone Infinity – June, 2015

We will update as soon as we have more information from ASUS.

That’s all we have for now. Again, this will be updated as soon as we hear!

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