Android ads. Fun, creative, and powerful. Check out the YouTube videos.


We are literally bombarded with advertisements everywhere we look, and that means most of us are pretty good at tuning them out.  I wanted to put together a few of the examples of fun ads for you to watch, all in one place.  Android has a wide variety of commercials, where they use the Adroidified characters you can create using the Androidify app or webpage, and they have ads where they show where people should Be together.  Not the same. Androidguys is in no way a political website, but now more than ever with the events going on around the world and especially in our own country, we truly do need to be together and appreciate our differences.

I find these shorts ads very entertaining and some have quite a powerful message.  If you haven’t seen them or want to watch them again, I have posted some of my favorites below.  Here is the link to Android’s official YouTube page too if you wanted to see more of them.


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