Android Advocacy: We Try Harder

No one will contradict me when I say that when it comes to application stores, Apple has it down and Google is the unfortunate underdog. With only a couple years in the game, this is no surprise to anyone and could have been very much expected. Although it’s days like today that we learn about a story about how Google tries harder than anyone else and gains even more respect of the public. We have recently learned that Google and many other Android enthusiasts have been trying to persuade developers of the opposing team to make applications for Android. It should be noted that no one is trying to steal developers from the other team, but rather have them port the same applications they build for other platforms for Android as well. The following is just such a story.

“I’m the developer of the Texts From Last Night app for the iPhone. Anyway, I received an e-mail yesterday from someone at Google claiming to be in their Android Advocacy Group. He basically said that he wanted to open a line of communication with me in case I chose to port the app to Android, and he offered to ship me a free Nexus One to play around with.

“It shows that Google is actively recruiting developers to their platform, using the enticements of free hardware and open communication.

“Contrast with Apple’s approach: it took us about three months of resubmitting our app to Apple before they stopped rejecting it for inappropriate content. And even now (after we peaked at the No. 7 paid app), we still have no relationship with anyone there. Huge difference in approaches between the two companies.”

To be honest we would never have seen the type of growth in the Android Market that we have seen recently had it not been for iPhone apps being ported over. I think it’s great that this kind of sharing is going on because all dark/light side arguments aside, we should all have access to the same software and apps, no matter what platform we choose.

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