With the launch of the new iPhone series, the good guys at PornHub decided to mash some stats together regarding how mobile users entertain themselves. Both Apple and Android users were studied to put together some nice-looking infographics.

In the last five years, mobile usage has rocketed to 63% of the total traffic to the site, as compared to a mere 12% in 2010. This aligns perfectly with how much tablet and smartphone usage has increased globally. In addition, Android has the slight advantage with the number of visitors, coming in with a decent 32% of traffic, just a bit more than iOS’s 31%. This leaves other OS users with 37% of the share (including desktop) , representing a nicely rounded distribution between platforms.


If you leave desktop viewers out, however, Android and iOS leave just 6% left for other operating systems. This either means Windows and FireOS based-phones are just really a small percentage of the population, or they prefer the big screen experience.


It also appears that Android users have more time on their hands. At least, in the hand that they’re not using. Clocking in at an average of 10 min and 06 seconds, they spend more time surfing the site when compared to iOS at an average of 8 min and 40 seconds. This also generally means that Android explorers viewed more content to satisfy their wants.


This is where it begins to get interesting. iOS viewers prefer more traditional-type content, using tried and tested methods to reach their goal. Android, on the other hand, tends to view more taboo categories that also reflect more modern content.

It is also noticeable how the demographics play out; with Android users making up the majority of developing countries and how some of their searches correspond with this.


Last but not least, is the age categories. The youth easily makes up the majority here, with 18 – 24 year olds bringing in 36.3% of total traffic.

The difference between each generation is certainly noticeable. Thanks to the cream pie chart, the step down between the age groups is easily visible, and goes down consistently until those that are 65 years and older make up a mere 2.2%. Turns out that granny in your local area might just be a rare deal.


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