Android And Symbian Destined To Become One?

Now this could end up being the biggest news in the mobile phone industry since the announcement of the iPhone. That is, if it turns out to be true. Analysts J. Gold Associates believes that the Google Android open source platform and Symbian are slowly but surely heading towards becoming one platform.

If for some reason you missed last week’s post on the two competing platforms, then you may not know that the Symbian CEO had made his intentions known a few days ago by saying he would collaborate with Google on Mobile OSes. Now it seems all this is not just talk.

“We expect that within the next three-six months, Symbian and Android will combine to provide a single open source OS,” J. Gold said. “Many of the same sponsors are involved in both initiatives.”

It appears to us that there could really be some truth behind all this. J. Gold Associates must have some special crystal ball over there! It’ll only be 3-6 months before we can tell if these guys are right. The strange part about that, is that we could just be getting our first Android devices at that time. Also, Google Android and Symbian merging would put Microsoft and Apple into serious fits, making it that much more difficult for them to compete with the new open source powerhouse gobbling up new mobile users.

Still, we have to put on our skeptic hats. How they will merge two platforms that have so many things different about them is beyond us. One is chocolate, the other is peanut butter. Two completely different things. However, we know how good they taste together!

Could this be part of the reasons everything is so hush in Mountain View?

For now this will be locked away into the rumor mill until someone from higher places conforms this.

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  1. If Android turns out to catch anything out of the slow, outdated, sluggish Symbian, then please someone shoot me in the face.

  2. Logistically I don’t see how this is remotely possibly. Now I won’t pretend to be a code wizard, but combining to operating systems would be like combining T-Mobile and Sprint. Perhaps Symbian and Android have more in common than they don’t, but I think this is just a rumor. I really don’t understand why Symbian would be interested in joining Android considering their current market share. Sure, the majority of that market share is overseas, but to throw in the towel so soon after purchasing Symbian would be strange to say the least.

  3. @Jamie:

    That’s true, but we don’t know what goes on in the conference rooms and the minds of the men in expensive suits. At the moment Symbian OS compared to the others just outright suck, the new open source Symbian phones won’t see the light of day till the next two years so by then Nokia would lose valuable “smartphone” market share to Apple, Microsoft and their Windows Mobile 7, and Android. There really could be some truth behind this

  4. Oh come on. J. Gold Associates are just making this up for self promotion. They do this all the time.

    “Buried as lame” as they say over at Digg.

  5. I think this is a Pollyanna prediction which I would encourage but feel it would need to come from Nokia not the lame duck CEO Nigel Clifford – I have a source in the UK close to Nigel that says this is all BS.

    Nigel NOT Nokia was the one that stated he would like Symbian & Android to work together – this is where I feel the self promotion is happening as Symbian would not get any press unless Google is mentioned.

    Also has anyone actually seen this report from J Gold Associates? Its not on their site or cited in any of the articles including the original on CNET.

    I will have a followup to this on GoogleAndBlog next week as I combine the information I am getting directly from reliable sources.

    PS – Kudos to Android Guys being on Forbes & TalkingHead TV!

    ,Michael Martin

  6. To me this sounds like a very, very thought let alone idea to write something publicly!

    If Mr. Gold’s assumption that both Google Android and Symbian will need (more) time to market with their first/next gen products, than a merger would be like two prisoners escaping from prison with their legs tied together. As if Mr. Gold tries to exploit the point that any marketing is good marketing.


  7. This is really a pretty silly idea. How are a complete C++ based mobile stack based on one kernel and a (supposedly) complete mutant-Java-based on a completely different kernel, with radically different application models supposed to “merge”…? I’m not sure it’s technically feasible, even if there were an actual rationale for doing so.

    It makes me think that cacao trees and peanut plant should “merge” and grow chocolate-covered peanuts in the shells. After all, a lot of people like peanut M&Ms.

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