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T-mobile’s releasing the G1 on its 3G network which is rumored to be pretty fast when compared to that of the other carriers. Though it is very early to say, given the number of G1’s available out there. 3G might be fast, but 4G is even faster and with two of the pioneering advocates of 4G, NTT DoCoMo and Sprint Nextel, figuring in the ranks of the OHA, we can soon find the Android powered mobiles using 4G speeds.

4G aptly called MAGIC (Mobile multimedia, Anytime/any-where, Global mobility support, Integrated wireless and Customized personal service) provides for data rates of up to more than 100Mbps for the mobile users which is really handsome given the opportunities one can prognosticate this might project for Android.

Given the scenario, there are many apps on the Market that can use these speeds and with the increase in the ubiquity of 4G we might soon see developers coming up with more killer apps. 4G quite inadvertently fixes the vlog in to our mobile that can give rise to collaborative citizen journalism and also might open up the flood gates for some real-time data sharing. It uses the WiMAX which is much faster than the Wi-Fi.

Android could be the next gen answer to pervasive computing (ubiquitous computing). Just imagine the kind of apps that could be developed when you have an Android powered mobile on the 4G network. Android not only gives a perfect platform for developers to be as innovative as they can, but also transforms the whole experience of mobile computing into a jaunty ride.

And if you can see the motive behind Google’s ambitions to promulgate themselves in the mobile industry, it ain’t really surprising to see that Google is trying to evangelize everyone to port themselves on to their mobiles and et al. Tell you what, I’d not be surprised if I see my system running an Android OS, given the magnanimity and flexibility that Android brings to your computing experience.  Wow! Pretty ambitious Proposition eh!

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