Android Development Wiki!

The Open Mob for Android(TM)A few wikis have sprung up around Android. Perhaps the most popular is Android-DLs’ wiki, with its emphasis on hardware and custom firmware images.

I’m announcing another wiki, the Android Development Wiki. This wiki’s focus will be on Android application development and contributions to the open source Android project. The hope is that we can capture much of the tips and knowledge that presently lies buried in a sea of threads in discussion boards like the official Android Google Groups.

Right now, the wiki is a bit sparse: a few pages, some custom Google search fields, and the like. I will be adding more to it myself over time. And, of course, like any wiki, it is open to contributions from one and all (though anonymous edits are not allowed, as an anti-spam measure). In time, I expect the wiki to be valuable resource to any serious Android developer.

This is the first service offered by The Open Mob, a (very) nascent group for fostering and supporting open source mobile platforms. You will hear about more services and opportunities from The Open Mob in the coming months, weeks, and minutes.

If you have any questions about the wiki, the best thing is to email the wiki administrator at admin |at|, or, in a pinch, post a comment here.

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