You Might Be An Android Fanboy If…

Ha Ha! You suck, I rock!

It’s no secret that I’m a huge Android fanboy. Heck, my first story on AndroidGuys was about me being exactly that, and I’ve even shared my doll¬†memorabilia collection with you guys.

In last weeks poll we asked you to complete the following sentence, “You might be an Android fanboy if…”

Judging from the turnout, the Android community has a pretty decent sense of humor (unlike some other fruity fanboys)… While we had a couple hundred responses, I’m just going to post a few here. Some funny, some… well, let’s just say that there were definitely a few that weren’t appropriate (SICK! Some of you guys are SICK!) for posting here. Those have been omitted (I never imagined fruity fanboys being able to do THAT!) here.

So, without further ado, I bring you, You Might Be An Android Fanboy If…

  • You find yourself pressing on the TV screen trying to add a widget.
  • You use Layers to find your second story bathroom.
  • You get into west side story style dance fights with iphone users.
  • You ask a woman what apps she comes with.
  • You have an android fan fiction involving a cross over with the smurfs and Steve jobs as Garagmel.
  • You own an Android T-shirt for each day of the week.
  • When asked your favorite celebrity, you say Cyanogen.
  • You dig down anyone on Digg crowing about their iPhone!
  • You Google on the loo (toilet).
  • You have Android bed sheets.
  • You sell your soul to get an N1 because all the cool kids have one.
  • You actually use Google Wave.
  • You see little droids in your dreams.
  • You yell at people buying apples in the grocery store.
  • You never had to jailbreak your phone just to make a phone call.
  • Your first time turning on your Nexus One was booting into the bootloader.
  • You think trix are for green robots.
  • You’re an electirc sheep. (I like this one, good job. –Scotty)
  • You still willingly use a G1.
  • You read the android guys app more than you work.
  • You check AndroidGuys every day.
  • You bought an Android Pillow.
  • You can’t wait to get up every morning to go to the market and update apps.
  • You’re always showing your iPhone friends things they can’t do, and follow by saying,”But the iphone’s good too!” so they dont feel bad.
  • You fantasize about floating widgets in the air.
  • You laugh when an iPhone user drops their precious.
  • You find that anything “Apple” irritates you.
  • You refuse to buy a product because the company has an iPhone app but not an Android app!
  • You pull out your android whenever you go near or in apple store
  • The first thing you touch in the morning an the last thing in the night isn’t your girlfriend
  • You own more android phones than you do lines of service.
  • You have a bluetooth bud in one ear, an ear bud in the other and Google Maps running while driving down the road.
  • You just bought a cliq a month ago and you’re still gonna buy a Nexus One.
  • You bleed green.
  • You wear your charger as a belt.
  • Fake G1 sciphones make your blood boil and send you into a DROIDRAGE!!!
  • You find your girlfriend less attractive due to her lack of metal parts and green skin.
Thanks to Kamlyn, DaBlackAnarch, Fury, and Matthew Patience for their contributions.

As I said, some are good. Some are… yeah. I bet you guys can do a better job in the comments. So, care to continue?

(Art lovingly contributed by go buy some of their stuff, they are great guys.)

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