Android Guys 2 Hits The Market!

We’ve been promising this for a while now and it is now here. After listening very closely to comments from users and beta testers, we have perfected version 2.0 of our site’s application.

The latest version, titled Android Guys 2, features a completely new design. We opted for a tabbed layout this time for quick and easy access to news the second you open the app. In addition to our great new layout we have also added lots of new features and upgrades from our first version. As opposed to our previous version which directed you to our mobile site for full articles, Android Guys 2 now imports full articles, images, videos, and comments right into the application! On top of this great new way to read articles, we also have improved our weekly poll section. Instead of using a Google Doc in a web browser, we now have a native poll built right in so that everything is optimized and easy to use. As well we still kept the podcasts section for listening to our archived podcasts on the go. If we haven’t sold you on this already, you’ll be pleased to know that we now have made the girls welcome with a very special news section for AndroidGals! That’s right! AndroidGuys and AndroidGals all together in one easy to use and feature-rich app!

AG2 Free
AG 2 Free
AG2 Free
AndroidGuys 2 - Free
Android Guys 2 - Plus
AG2 Plus
AndroidGuys 2 - Plus

We have split up the app into 4 versions and while this may sound confusing at first, it is quite simple. We still have a regular FREE and PLUS version, but as well we now have a version optimized for Android 1.5 Cupcake users and Android 1.6 and above users. When in the market make sure you pick the version that is right for you because while Android 1.5 users will only be able to see the Cupcake version, 1.6 and above users can see all 4 versions.

The latest PLUS version costs a $1.50 US and includes extras such as 2 widgets, ability to listen to previous podcasts, and no Ads! Consider upgrading if you want more features and want to support our wonderful AndroidGuys development team! For screenshots of Android Guys 2, see below.

The AndroidGuys Development Team:

Matthew Patience – Lead Developer

Raphael Savina – Lead Visual Design and Graphics

Greg Carron – Visual Design and Graphics

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