Android On Lockdown: AT&T Removes Best Parts of Android from Backflip

Well folks, if you haven’t heard by now, AT&T’s first Android Handset, the Motorola Backflip, has been locked down and crippled.  In doing this, AT&T has not only removed Google search, but disabled Android’s ability to install non-market apk files outside of the official Android Market by removing the option for BACKFLIP users to install applications from unknown sources.

Why this was done is unknown, but users will no longer be able to install apps purchased on alternative markets.  For developers that utilize the BACKFLIP, this will will also prove troublesome as they will be unable to test apps on the device. The app experience has truly been IPhonified.  Quite frankly, I am disappointed, but not really surprised as AT&T has attempted to control phones and apps within their realm for quite some time.

We know that AT&T is trying very hard to be a gatekeeper. We also know they are not a fan of open standards. What are your thoughts?  Would you buy  this phone? How far do you think this will this go? Did Apple have a role in this?  I know what I think and that is that you should not purchase this phone.  Sorry.

Source: TechCrunch

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