Original Moto X (2013) owners have been waiting for the sought after Android Lollipop update ever since Motorola announced it would be included in the list of devices receiving the updates. Furthermore, seeing the new Moto X (2014) get the update less than two weeks after Lollipop was given to companies accelerated consumers desires for the update. Patience is paying off, as this past weekend Motorola started to invite people to take part in the soak test for the Moto X (2013) Lollipop update.

On Google+, Luciano Carvalho addressed the news that broke out about the soak test this weekend, and confirmed that it was indeed going out. He confirmed that this test is for Android Lollipop version 5.0.2, and that there were no current plans for 5.1. The update for the original has been difficult to work on, considering the original Moto X had the unique X8 computing chip. Nevertheless, Luciano Carvalho has been working very hard to be communicative, despite many Google+ users complaints (Honestly people, give the man a break).

If I were a betting man, I’d say that the jump from 5.0.2 to 5.1 will be easier to implement than the jump from 4.4.4 to 5.0.2, since there won’t be as many changes (though there are certainly many changes to Android 5.1). Also, the update to Android Lollipop is supposed to bring some sweet Motorola-specific updates to the first gen Moto X, which is certainly more than just updating to Android Lollipop. However, not only do I not gamble, but I don’t work in software, so I am definitely no official source of information. All I can say is, Motorola has really proven themselves recently, and I personally have faith we will see an Android Lollipop update to our Moto X (2013) devices very soon.

Keep a lookout for an update to Motorola Update Services on your Moto X (2013), as you’ll need that in order to upgrade your device to Android Lollipop.

Source: Luciano Carvalho

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