Android Market Announces Policies and Guidelines

Kids, get your parents permission before downloading any apps from the Android Market. One of the new guidelines established by Google for the Market is that you must be 13 years or older. Doesn’t seem like there’s going to be much of a problem with that. Most of the folks we know using a G1 are considerably older than that.

Speaking of children Google has zero-tolerance policy for child pornography. They also won’t allow sexually explicit apps or programs with nudity. For that kind of stuff, you’ll have to get it from somewhere else.

Among the things not mentioned or previously hinted at is that you have a 24 hour period to get your money back, providing you haven’t actually downloaded anything. If you have an issue with billing or chargebacks, you gotta take it up with the developer. Google steps out of the loop.

If Google does find that an app violates their terms and conditions and has to yank it down from the Market, they will make every attempt to get your money back. If they can’t recover all of the users’ money, whatever amount they do get is divied up.

As we learned quite a long time ago, once a user downloads an app, they are able to get all updates and future releases at no cost. Same goes for anything you uninstall. Once it’s yours, it yours for good – much like Wii downloads. This is good news for people who might format their handset or brick it on accident.

One of the terms that’s used in the policy quite a bit is “Product.” As in, “You may not return any Products other than applications.” It might be nothing at all, but wouldn’t it be interesting if somehow there was something other than software available in the Market?