Android Market Could Eclipse App Store This Summer

Come back-to-school time Android users will have more apps to choose from than their Apple counterparts. At least that is what the latest Distimo report tells us. Android is growing its number of apps faster than Apple, even with tablets entering the fray.  We’v already got more free apps to choose from, it won’t be long until we have a bigger store in general.   The full findings are definitely worth a read, however we’ll give you the juicy bullet point stuff you came for.

  • Android Market has surpassed the Apple App Store in terms of free applications with 134,342 edging out their 121,845 free titles.
  • If both distribution models keep the current pace, the Android Market will be the largest store (total applications) within five months.
  • The iPad offers 75,755 applications developed by 21,975 publishers but is set to face its first real competition this year with Android and BlackBerry tablets arriving.
  • Many of the top iPad developers already publish cross-platform.  Specifically, 58 percent of the 50 most popular publishers have developed apps for other mobile platforms.