Android Market Goes on a Diet

It seems while no one was looking the Android Market has been stripped of non-compliant Apps and pared down from 50-plus Apps to only 13. The Android Market is similar to the iPhone Apps store and at one time told developers that they would not require any “official” approval process to list their Applications.

Well, that’s gone – and while in theory I approve of application approval processes in general – it’s not a good thing for Google to go back on their word without some kind of compensation to these developers who worked hard on these Apps to get them ready for the G1’s launch.

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As I look again the Android Market is back up to 20 Apps and seems destined for a full recovery. Rumor is it had something to do with each Application needing some sort of security feature before it can be re-listed on the Android Market store.

This news, in light of the competition from the Handango announcement of an Android App Store who, as of this writing has Zero (0) Apps for sale.

What’s your opinion? Is Google ‘getting it together’, or was this a gaff – a screwy mess on their part? Talk back to me in the comments section!

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  1. Is the video player app back? I’m intrigued twofold, on the one hand, it is one of the apps that I would install first, and the other is that I am curious as to whether it will be already on consumer handsets – I saw a video of the player in action where when the reviewer selected a video file, it came up with two options to play it, one was the player app, and the other was ‘Movies’ which shared its icon with the music app.

  2. Google has no right to remove anything from the Market unless they have proven that it’s a virus. If they are arbitrarily removing stuff for unspecified reasons then I demand a refund on my G1 on the grounds of False Advertising.

  3. This is old news guys. They had planned maintenance yesterday for the Market. The official debut of the phone is tomorrow. With all the negative stories that have hit the net over this, I’m willing to bet they won’t ship the next series of handsets early. Now if only I can figure out how to add comments to the apps I’ve already downloaded.

  4. Reason and logic dictates it is a simple matter of apps in the shopping bag being tested – and nothing more. It is important that we follow-up in this on October 23, after the first few thousand take delivery, and turn on their phones. If there are still only 13 apps, THEN that’s news.

    I guess this shines more light on the subject of iPhone, G1, Android app store in general, for all the talk by T-Mobile about being “open” and “transparent” obviously is just B.S. and they have zero intention of changing their evil ways.

    T-Mobile insisted their forked version of Android include a “kill switch”. They will not allow any unapproved apps on the phone. You must pay extra for access to the real Internet.

  5. @Todd

    The kill switch is irrelevant. Unlike the iPhone, the official store is NOT the only way to load apps onto your phone. Even if they do choose to use the kill switch for “unapproved” apps (which there is so far no evidence of), there is no way for them to kill apps that you downloaded from somebody’s website. T-Mobile has no control over what apps you use on your phone.

    As far as paying “extra” for internet access, I’m not sure what you’re even saying here. They don’t let you order the phone without getting the $25 Android data plan, which includes unlimited internet access. That’s a flat rate, there’s no such thing as paying extra for “real” access, whatever that is supposed to mean.

  6. Anyone else find it strange that there is absolute no leak of an actual link to the official Android app store? Even pictures of the actualy G1 leaked months before it was officially released. How come there is no word at all about how I can get to the official Android app market from my computer?

  7. It has probably been one of those fine-print things which has been out there the whole time – Google reserving the right to delete sub par (or some such ‘reasonable reason’) software from the market. It is also [prudent] liability coverage for a company which will be under even more scrutiny than ever. It sucks, but a company that gets big will not stop to spell everything out to everyone after gaining a particular mass quota. The sprightly upstart is not longer an upstart and now it is business just like any other big business.

    As for this stuff about the kill switch – the moment I read about it I thought, “… and of course this means that Google will use this mechanism to delete apps which people opt to get a refund for.” Unfortunately there are enough people who would try to cheat the system that I would be surprised if Google chose *not* to use the kill switch in this way.

    And once Android goes completely open source, there will be nothing Google can do to stop an average techie from killing the kill switch.

  8. I got my G1 today and the app store has a bunch of apps, but many that I’ve seen in prior reviews are no longer there. Throughout the day however, more and more have been reappearing.

    Still no Pac-man though :(

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