Here at AndroidGuys we love the Chromecast and were massive fans of all the cool casting apps that make this tiny device what it is but this little streaming dongle is not just limited to beaming photos and on-line media up onto the TV. If you’ve got any kind of sound system hooked up to your TV and a Chromecast wedged in the back of it then you’re all set-up to listen or watch your favourite podcasts in all their glory on the big screen and through what ever sound system your rocking.

Over at ChromeWatching, were always updating the ever growing list of podcast apps which have Chromecast support but we wanted to highlight the ones that we like and which we hope you will too.


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Pocket Casts is beautifully designed with a stunning phone and tablet interface which makes flipping through the app and finding content so easy and enjoyable. It’s an extremely robust app with all the bells and whistles you’d expect but with a few extra features like its sync option to keep your subscribed podcasts and progress up to date across other devices, smart playlists to organize your podcasts and an episode download scheduling feature so you can get the latest episode when it suites you. And of course, a seamless experience when you click that cast button.




Pocket Cast is not a free app and probably not the cheapest but you can guarantee continuous development and improvements that keeps this app at the top of its game.

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Podcast Addict takes a cleaner and more simple approach to a pod cast app which makes it very easy to find your favourite content, however, it does have a lot of areas to navigate but it’s not a chore and becomes straight forward once familiar with the interface. When adding podcasts, there’s quite a few options to choose from. You can search for them manually, add an RSS feed, browse by top podcasts, import via OPML, and even browse popular podcast networks like Twit, Revision 3, BBC, and others. All in all, it’s a great free podcast app especially with its casting option.

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Podcast Addict is a free app which is not bad for what it can do, so it worth a shot to try it out.

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A rival to Pocket Cast, Upod Podcast player is the new kid on the block and that’s why we like it. It has all the usual features that you’ll find on the other big podcast apps but uPod tweaks these to take them a little further, one of which is where video files can have the video component disabled for audio-only listening.The UI is clean un-cluttered and has an email like inbox concept to manage your podcasts, something that quite different to the rest of the apps out there, and you can link uPod to your Google account for backup and sync across devices.


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UPod’s free 7 day trial is a great way to give this app a test run and then decide to pay for the full version.

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Next on our list of favourite podcast apps is DoggCatcher. This one has been around since the beginning of Android but this doesn’t mean that its stuck in the past, the developers of DoggCatcher have evolved it with time and now with Chromecast support, it is still one of the go to podcast apps for the Android faithful. Managing your podcasts with this app is a breeze and it packs many features that are comparable to others in this list but DoggCatchers edge is its highly configurable settings and the amount of information that can be clearly displayed within its UI.




DoggCatcher is available as a Lite version (free) which still gives you a tester of what the app can do, but its best to upgrade to see what it can really do.



BeyondPod is yet another podcasting app that offers Chromecast support for listening to your favourite shows on the big screen. Featuring a clever downloading engine, you have complete control of how many podcasts to download at once and how long to keep the old versions, with new downloads being performed unobtrusively in the background. BeyondPod also supports variable playback speeds and also a convenient widget to offer full control of your playback even outside the app.




BeyondPod is a free download on the Google Play Store.

Why not give these apps a try and see what casting them to your TV really looks and sounds like, and drop us a comment below telling us what your favourite podcast app is.

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