In today’s era, mobile technology is ruling everyone’s life and mobile apps have become the prime necessity of people. Most of them prefer Android platform mobiles as there are large number of great and innovative Android apps built at the most affordable pricing.

Android Studio has always been a preferred IDE for Android app developer community as it provides certain tools that help build Android apps on every Android device with less development time. Recently, Google announced the latest version of Android Studio-3.0 with a vast number of features in it. The best mobile app development companies across the globe keep track of these version updates to stay ahead of competitors. The latest version of Android Studio-3.0 is strongly integrated with the Android Development Platform. It accelerates the flow of app development and provides enhanced tools for building creative Android apps to Android app developers.

Let’s have a look at some of the stunning new features of Android Studio-3.0

Introduction of Android Profiler

In the version of Android Studio-3.0, includes an interesting new window design known as Android Profiler. With the help of this, the developer will be able to get real-time data of the apps. In this the Android Developer can get the benefit of three different timelines such as CPU Profiler, Network Profiler, and Memory Profiler. Hence, any of the windows can be clicked to get the complete details.

Support for Kotlin Language

At present Kotlin is the fastest growing programming language. All the mobile app developers had been demanding for this – and at last the (Integrated Development Environment) IDE has extended support for this new programming language Kotlin. Now the developers can use the inbuilt conversion tool in Android Studio-3.0 and add Kotlin code into their existing Android app. This tool will also help to convert the Java file to Kotlin file.

Support for Java 8 Language

In Android Studio-3.0, here the developers can update the project and convert it into the new Java 8 language tool chain support. They will need to modify the source and target compatibilities to 1.8 in the project structure dialogue.

Updated IntelliJ platform

Android Studio 3.0 has updated the edition of the IntelliJ platform to 2017.1.2. It consists of a variety of features like semantic highlighting, draggable breakpoints, Java 8 language refactoring, and inclusion of parameter hints and much more.

Instant Apps Support

The IDE has come up with enhanced new version to support the latest mobile technology. Now it is possible to make instant apps using Android Studio 3.0. There are basically two modules included in it so that the developers can build instant apps without any effort. The two modules you will find it in the “New Module Wizard” they are App Links Assistant and the second is Modularized Refactoring Action. In near future we are likely to see people using Android smartwatch to do everyday tasks by using Android Instant apps.

Enhanced Building Times

In this edition of Android Studio 3.0 has mainly focused on enhancing the speed of app projects including various modules. This version has come up with breaking API changes to the Android Gradle plugin. This Gradle plugin has helped to significantly bump up the building timings. Here the Android Studio 3.0 has tried to be the faster IDE.

Improved APK Debugging

With the help of this latest Android Studio 3.0, it is possible to debug an arbitrary APK. You need to link the sources to the APK debugging flow. Hence, this will make the debugging process high-fidelity and help Android coders while profiling, analyzing and for debugging too.


This latest version of Android Studio-3.0 has given a great prospect for Android mobile app developers by contributing these much-needed features. The above listed features will help Android app developers build Android apps that are fast, efficient and bug-free.

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